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European Football 21/22

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42 minutes ago, KirkieRobRoy said:

Disappointing that the Evil Twosome will now probably scrape into that new European Underbelly that Spurs are in now. Still, maybe it will mean they take their eye off the domestic ball and the SPFL might become interesting again.

Monotonous cunt

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12 hours ago, KirkieRobRoy said:

Old Firm drones as charming and monosyllabic as ever, I see. Go trash a city centre, why don't you, fellows?

What else have you to offer fella? I think by now we've all seen the 'old firm' are to blame for everything posts. 

Is that it? Get rid of that and Scottish societies and football ills shall be cured forever? 

Apologies for the monosyllabic content earlier 😂

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  • 2 weeks later...

We are looking decent to keep top 11 /10 this season, despite our poor showing so far. 

This is very good for whoever wins the Scottish Cup/third place as they start at the Europa League playoff. Meaning guaranteed group stage football for atleast a couple of years. That's unless UEFA change it at the last minute again 😂

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  • 3 weeks later...

We fucked it again 😂

The drop off in quality when we changed the front 3 cost us. That and a bit of a shocker defensively from Ralston tonight. 

I see BT sport embarrassing the huns live on air there. I wonder what response that will draw? 🤔

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2-0 Rangers. Good win and a good start for GVB however should have been out of sight and unnecessarily nervy at the end (we had to win by 2 to guarantee going through). However getting out of the group stages for the 3rd year in a row is a decent achievement, especially as we had zero points after 2 games.   

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Purely anecdotal, but did anyone else notice the amount of empty seats in the Leverkusen home sections last night ?

If they make the final I hope they're not expecting a fair share of the tickets - That would just be so undeserving and unfair on the other team involved

UEFA need to take note



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