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58 minutes ago, Dave78 said:

You must have missed the late 90s / early 2000s?

No i remember the talk very well and the north Atlantic league etc but it’s died down considerably since then. They may appear “big clubs” but the reality is they aren’t as big as they believe they are and are never going to realise their true potential staying in Scotland.   You can’t be happy horsing teams a fraction of the size for eternity. Rodgers and gerrard leaving just shows them up as what they are. Would like to think it’s inevitable at some stage, money talks an all that. 

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9 hours ago, slasher said:

I think it's a great opportunity for him. 1 trophy in 9 in Scotland and a couple of Europa runs wouldn't normally get you anywhere near an EPL dugout. He's obviously still dining out on his kudos as a player down south. 

Re Lampard, I thought he showed some promise as a coach before Chelsea binned him off. Obviously Tuchel is on a different level, but still I thought he was a little harshly treated. 

Some of the names being linked would be significantly cheaper. Really, this is a perfect opportunity for them to bank a few quid and get someone in to work on a more realistic budget. Whoever they appoint might tell a lot about what direction they're going in next. 

They would, and that would be an eminently sensible approach.

However, Rangers FC and financial pragmatism go together about as well as Rangers FC and Roman Catholicism!

5 hours ago, Hertsscot said:

Don't know about that. Villa have a reasonable right back in Cash. Wouldn't be surprised if Kent was on the list though.

Do you think?  He often looks a bit suspect to me.  

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In the 80's this would have been quite close.

English football at the time was toxic due the hooliganism while our domestic game was relatively in great shape and nationally the start of the TA happy clappy reputation we enjoy to this day....

Yet look at the turnaround.

English football today is sovereign wealth fund mega-billionaire stuff. Saudi Arabia coming late to the party and buying Newcastle as way in... wow.

So yeah Aston Villa, a club with a massive support, and a real history are going to be super desirable.

Rangers would be a Scottish equivalent no bother but the toxicity of their support are a real commercial turnoff. 

In the end money will win out of course.

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20 hours ago, Hertsscot said:

Bit disappointed with the timing. Similar to how Celtic fans must have felt when Rogers left. Unfortunately these opportunities don't always come up at convenient times so I guess they have to be snapped up or they might not occur again.

Anyhow Big Ramy's comments have brightened my day!

For me the managers of the ilk of Rodgers and Gerrard (long history in the EPL and where their heart lies) were always appointments that would give short-term gain and little else because as soon as a palatable EPL job came along they'd be off.

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Rodgers won every domestic trophy for just shy of three years, everything. He left things in such good shape even Lennon was able to see out the treble treble. That was a fair shift by anyone's standards. Gerrard's departure is a bit more jarring especially if it costs them the league. The money will be different level so cant blame him and they would have turned on him quick enough if they had a bad run. No he has played it well and parlayed it into a good chance to establish himself as a manager in the big leagues. I think Villa might regret this though (the sacking and the appointment).

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12 hours ago, stirlish said:

I think villa could regret the sacking.

I would love Stevie to take them to another level...

the championship!

Villa supporters I know  are a bit wary and disappointed with Dean Smith sacking but the £4.5m compensation says it all really. Disparity in finance says it all - along with the Christian Purslow contact. If he doesn't get them top ten though he runs the risk of being turfed out with these owners.

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1 minute ago, kumnio said:

Some game at Tannadice by all accounts, Utd fan assaulted Ojo who was then laughably sent off. 

What a combination, scumdee utd & Bobby madhun, Aberdeen have no chance 🤬🤬🤬

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7 minutes ago, kumnio said:

Some game at Tannadice by all accounts, Utd fan assaulted Ojo who was then laughably sent off. 

He was either sent off for clipping the ball boy on the head in his way past (which was minimal amd probably trying to avoid him) or going back into the crowd after he was pushed. 

Eother way, the fan should be lifted by now, not watching the 2nd half 🤷🏼‍♂️

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1 hour ago, Orraloon said:

Two points separating the top five in the Championship. One point separating the bottom five. Now that's what I call tight. 

And 14 points between 5th and 6th.

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