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Bloody foreigners coming over here stealing oor Queens. 

I see the press have named the guy charged with making offensive social media comments about Captain Tom. Bit bizarre that considering his not guilty plea, should ensure his family get a lot of hate tho. 

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On 2/19/2021 at 6:43 PM, Orraloon said:

Sounds like the ginger and the brown girl have been telt tae fuk off, again.

I'd rather the whole royal family fucked off like Harry. Outdated doesn't cover it anymore. It's a waste of money keeping them on.

Imagine that cunt charles being the Head of state, he's a wet blanket and his wife looks like a cross between a horse and an orc.


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more time devoted to this and Harry and Meghan's resignation (?) on BBC and other media outlets than to the High Court ruling that the Government acted unlawfully in refusing to release details of the crony owned/newly established companies they awarded fast track C-19 contracts to. Says it all. 

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To be fair I would take the opportunity to visit my dad if they were dying. Regardless of that opportunity not being to afforded to others.

I'd abolish the monarchy however folk are born into it they're not really given a choice. Indoctrinated since birth. I have no time at all for the institution , although @DonnyTJSdid make some fair arguments for it's use and how it deveopled etc. I do have some sympathy for folk born into these sort of situations though. We're all victims of circumstance.

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3 hours ago, King Of Paisley said:

I see that Charlie Boy travelled 100 miles to visit his da when mere mortals like me couldn’t travel to Glasgow to visit my father in law last April who was dying of this awful disease

A independent Scottish Republic can’t come quick enough.Get this shower of parasites to fuck

That is awful but too be fair things have changed since April for everyone. People are allowed essential visits now although sometimes this is not applied  consistently or correctly it is permitted in the guidance rightly which it wasn't in the first wave.

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