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6 hours ago, theabsentee said:

I agree with a lot of what you say here,  I don't like slating any player but i think it's quite obvious due to how their careers have stagnated that players such as Middleton, Maguire, McLennan &  2 or 3 others who started in Greece will never be good enough to step up to senior level yet they still stayed mainstays of the under 21 team during qualification while players with much more potential such Banks, Soutter, Turnbull & even Nathan Patterson where either benched or not selected at all. 

   Surely forward thinking associations don't let that happen. 

   As for Banks he still has time to commit, though maybe due to the style of player he is if he has been getting tapped up by the likes of Bale & Giggs so no amount of online love from the TA will make the lad see sense😬


This is spot on, can never understand why some players continually get picked at that sort of age range, where they are perhaps coming to the end of their time at 21 level and have stagnated a bit at club level, but still seem to get picked for their 'experience' at 21 level. If you look through all the countries or clubs throughout Europe, they continually play their best young players with the most potential a level up. And let's be honest the step up from 19s to 21s for the best players isn't a great jump which is what the likes of Gilmour and Patterson have proved. I have followed Scott Banks for a while and there is no doubt he is at least as good as some of the players that have been mentioned like Middleton and MacLennan but he is younger with more potential so disappointed if we lose him now.


On a side note the Welsh fans have noted that because we do have a bigger pool of players in Scotland it does give them a chance at times to nip in ahead and offer say a 19s player under 21 football whereas in our set up he would have to wait a while longer before making that step up.  

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