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The Great Outdoors...

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4 minutes ago, Grim Jim said:

I didn't recognise the castle, but then noticed the background and shouted DUNURE to myself, but am here again too late 😄

As for your Christmas Eve pic, I dunno, but will take a stab at Mull?

Or near Hunterston.

Oh Jim, it's as if you ...... not Hunterston..... Portencross 👍

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5 minutes ago, TDYER63 said:

Sorry Bonzo I have no idea where that is , I dont run further than Quarriers Village😁

I love the colours in it they are very relaxing. 


2 minutes ago, Lairdyfaeinverclyde said:

You need to walk/run further and see the beautiful views from the Port.

Once you get to the top of the hill the views really are stunning 👍

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1 minute ago, Lairdyfaeinverclyde said:

It's the Firth of Clyde. Plenty of snow on the mountains. Get a partial view from my bedroom window.👍

I would love to just walk outside my door and see that everyday and take young Wallace for a walk. Your a lucky man my friend..😉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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14 hours ago, weekevie04 said:

Great pics, lads! 

I love hiking. Growing up close to Dundee, we weren't too far from a fair few munros. A few of my pals would do it every second Saturday morning from spring to October or so and get up about 6am and go for it. I really regret not going more than a handful of times, but since I hit my early to mid 30s, I've really got into hiking and walking. 

I really fancy getting a dug, always wanted something like a Newfie, but they are expensive, eat a lot, slaver, and don't live long ; but they are magical wee dogs. Maybe something like yours, is that a chocolate lab? Someone who's up for a hike and will sit at your feet once its over. We were looking after a mini Schnauzer in the summer for three weeks, (his owners had booked a holiday home that no pets were allowed) and I really enjoyed it. Anytime we see him, he's wimpering and wagging his tail, seems genuine happy to see us (although did spoil him a bit. Up on the sofa, slept at the bottom of the bed etc, took him out for loads of walks, and the odd bit of meat more than he gets at home) but anytime I pop round to visit them (and him) he always cheers me up, I really need to get one.

I've got family in Ontario and went to NZ 9 years ago - the strangest, strangest thing happened. I met someone I vaguely knew on our way out to Franz Josef Glacier whilst he was on his way back. What's even weirder is, he's Spanish and we got to know each other in Iceland ; lost touch a bit and bumped in to him THERE. I was basically screaming for about 5 minutes, surely there's better odds of winning the lotto than that? How did that happen, why wasn't I 5 minutes later, or an hour later, or spend an extra day in the town or Greymouth, or the North Island rather.. Insane..

Ramy, do you see a lot of wildlife out there? I hiked a bit in Blueridge Parkway - just short 2-3 hour ones, but can't recall seeing anything, had visions of turning the corner and spying a grizzly! 

I do love seeing the mountain hares though especially if they are white. If I am not paying attention, the grouse will make me shit myelf when they just take off after blending in to the path. Has anyone seen a capercaillie? Unfortunately not, but hopefully some day. One of my favourite moments walking, was August, about 5 years ago, a perfect day, about 16 degrees, there was one other car in the car park, and was hiking up near Dalwhinnie - Geal Charn or A' Mhaorinich, and was near the peak and looked up and seen 3 stag about 50 yards in front of me - they looked at me, I looked at them - for about 5 seconds and then they took off again. Just an amazing moment, and the silence and surprise of it all was wonderful.

I'm slowly turning in to a bird enthusiast too. Not in the sense of museums, but love seeing new and exotic birds either at home or abroad or ones I've never really paid attention or appreciated to at home til now e.g Oyster catchers, never knew they were so coloruful or cool, and plentiful in Scotland as well!

Cheers Kevie. What part of Ontario are your family in? As far as wildlife, yes, I see a lot when I am fishing. Beavers, snapping turtles, deer, coyote, racoon's,rabbits, moose, and have heard Wolves howling, don't see them though, thank fuck. I have even seen the odd bear, but you stay clear, if they are with their cubs, you are fucked... As far as birds? You would like it here. There are 2 bird sanctuaries close to where I live, I'm right in the city of Ottawa. There are all different species and folk come from all over Canada to see them. The big Blue Heron is something else, I see them all the time when I am out fishing. One day when I am back home, I would love or go by the sea and see the Cappercaillie.. Scotland is so beautiful, I miss it so much...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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3 minutes ago, Lairdyfaeinverclyde said:

You love him really.

Oh aye, but he’s just non stop action 😂😂


Just now, Big Ramy 1314 said:

That's some pic. He looks happy and content..🤣

He is, too happy at times and batters anyone that comes to see him back out the door with the pure joy of someone new to play with. 

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