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20 minutes ago, ThistleWhistle said:

It's a tricky one that will illicit differing and conflicting opinions at either end of the spectrum but for me I'd go for Joanna Cherry as next SNP leader.  

Dual leaders a Brown/Bonnar partnership?

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2 hours ago, ThistleWhistle said:

It's a tricky one that will illicit differing and conflicting opinions at either end of the spectrum but for me I'd go for Joanna Cherry as next SNP leader.  

Do you know where Joanna sits on the anal sex thing?

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lol. Bit of SNP on SNP action here.

If you wondered why Joanna Cherry got dragged into it... The wokies in Team Nicola don't like her very much either.

Wolves and vampires

Posted on August 01, 2020 by Rev. Stuart Campbell

It seems fair to say that the SNP’s shady, ugly coup d’etwats yesterday hasn’t gone down massively well. Social media was awash in pictures of cut-up membership cards and resignation letters, and some of the most moderate voices in the commentariat also decried the stitch-ups of Joanna Cherry and James Dornan.


The NEC meeting which forced through the new rules was held in secret and nobody knows who was present or who voted for what. Indeed, even the identities of the NEC’s members are largely not public knowledge.

But there’s one thing we do know.


Alert readers have been aware for some time that the headquarters of the SNP’s woke division, and the hotbed of the party’s quasi-fascist Twitler Youth wing, was its Stirling branch. And in perhaps the least shocking revelation of all time, it turns out that this week’s events have Stirling SNP’s grubby fingerprints all over them.

In March, two members of the SNP branch laid down a motion to be debated at the party’s since-abandoned conference. It read as follows:

“Conference decides that an elected parliamentarian may not stand for election to another legislative body without the approval of the National Executive Committee, which will take into account the implications of a parliamentarian potentially holding a dual mandate or causing a parliamentary by-election through resignation from the legislature to which they were first elected.”

That’s the motion that was passed this week to effectively block Joanna Cherry from seeking the nomination to contest Edinburgh Central next year. It was laid down in the names of Gerry McLaughlin & Grant Thoms.

McLaughlin, pictured below, is the branch convener, and bid for selection as the SNP’s Westminster candidate for Stirling in 2015, but was beaten by Steven Paterson.


Thoms, a lecturer at Stirling University, was a member of the vetting committee which rejected Paterson for the 2019 election, clearing the way for Alyn Smith – or “Daddy” as the Twitler Youth refer to him – to secure the nomination uncontested.


(Thoms was a failed SNP candidate in 2000 and 2001, losing Glasgow Anniesland to Labour by large majorities both times. He’s also editor of party newspaper The Scots Independent and was Head Of Policy And Strategy for welfare-to-work firm Ingeus, who have been closely involved with the UK government’s controversial and cruel Work Programme. For some reason Thoms omits this post from his LinkedIn CV.)


Three of Smith’s staff are also office-bearers in the Stirling branch, and he’s widely regarded as the de facto leader of the woke wing. Along with Angus Robertson – chief beneficiary of the blocking of Joanna Cherry – he was central to a newspaper article last year vilifying “abusive cybernats” in the Yes movement.

(Strangely those attacked by Smith and Robertson for such offences did not include such Stirling-based SNP members as Smith’s own quite spectacularly abusive young boyfriend Jordon Henderson, or transgender racist Leeze Lawrence, or noted defamer and woman-abuser Cameron Archibald, a young activist who spews torrents of angry tweets (regularly deleted to avoid scrutiny) from his bedroom in his parents’ house near Bannockburn and has recently resigned as secretary of that branch to join the main Stirling one – as well as changing his Twitter name from “MammothWhale” to “TheStirlingWolf”, coincidentally the animal Adolf Hitler characterised himself as.)


Smith himself also sits on the NEC as Policy Development Convener and clearly fancies himself as a future party leader. But enough local colour. The woke takeover of the SNP, of which this week’s events are only the latest manifestation, has always been centred on Stirling, fuelled by a toxic mix of extremist ideology, naked careerist ambition and personal grudges which has now spread across the party/country more virulently than COVID-19 and is sucking the very lifeblood out of the Yes movement.


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