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Scotland starting XI vs Israel

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Why don't you fuck off.

Aye, this version might, but you'll just come back under a different username to bore the tits off everyone again.

Main take from the game -  Did someone tell Callum McGregor Halloween wasn’t until the end of next month? He did a fantastic job at dressing up as Casper The Ghost tonight.    totally invi

My real gripe is no cutting edge in attack. It is probably much down to the way Israel set up with a parked bus but still. Other elements to our play has not been too bad as in passing and build-up and aside from one scare looked quite solid at the back. We really need to be more of a threat in the final third of the pitch though.

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1 minute ago, mccaughey85 said:

Forrest has been pretty poor. 

A proper athlete is required for that role. Forrest has some explosive moments but not if he has to drag himself all the way up and down the park continually. I think Armstrong would be better, but he’s untested there, which is one of the flaws of the system. There aren’t too many obvious replacements for Forrest as wing backs. 

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Just now, SkyBlueScot said:

Taken off Dykes for Burke? Dykes has done ok with nothing. 

He's done very well given the circumstances. May be fitness related, given the English season hasn't started yet; would've thought Burke might've replaced Forrest instead though.

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3 minutes ago, mccaughey85 said:

Is there? We haven't looked like scoring all night. 

Well, I can't argue with that.  But I think there are tweaks needed, not wholesale changes. Tierney has been excellent and is our best player. McTominay's never a centre back and I'd drop McGregor.

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