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The famous tartan army Chasing Dreams Story !

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I'm fundraising for tartan army documentary cover transportation expenses that arise from filming the opening credits and interviews  with fans players etc  around scotland


Iam a disabled Scotland fan and filmmaker who is working on a Scotland fan's documentary where all proceeds will be going to MND Scotland. It will all be based on the Tartan Army from the France 98 World Cup to the Euro 2020 playoff and to Euro 2020 finals where Scotland are one of the hosts. I believe we are due a bit of luck this time round to qualify for Euro 2020 with Scotland being there on the 14th June 2021 at Hampden Park. Im looking for Tartan Army members to send videos and photos from last 22 years following Scotland. The working title is The Famous Tartan Army Chasing the Dream! I would like all Scotland fans from all over the world and fans in Scotland tio be involved with my project. I have 22 years of footage and photos. I have interviews with fans, players, officials and have photos of famous Scottish people that show every part of the Scotland supporter on the world stage. From Gretna to Edinburgh, Stirling , Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Wick, John O'Groats and the borders. This will show every fan with their banners and how the Tartan Army unites and follows Scotland home and abroad. I'm looking for Tartan Army members to go out and film the landscape sideways and send me videos by whats app, file sharing app the length breadth of Scotland of Tartan Army members young and old wearing Scotland tops and kilts doing keepy ups at Scottish landmarks like Bannockburn Robert the Bruce monument for example and then kick the ball to Stirling castle then kicked to Stirling bridge where another fan takes over and then onto the Wallace monument then Scone palace to the stone of density and then to fisherman in the River Tay heading to Longforgan hotel. Then onto the Tay bridge, grounds in Dundee and Dundee landmarks, etc. You get picture we basically take the ball all over Scotland and make the golden ball bigger than the Olympic torch tour. This famous Tartan Army golden ball tour of Scotland will unite all Scotland fans length breadth of the country.

Ian Kelly;t=14s







This only a  selection  of my video  footage and other fans  who sent photos  newspaper cuttings.   Be about scotland tartan army  and football  team  filmed by the fans  and   show  everthing from grass roots football right up to  why not  been to world cup or euros  in 22 years  we two games being there  this  documentary follow  the journey  you the fans  and myself be contribuiters  .It   be 3 hours long  be availble For download or streamed £9.99  all procceds go mnd  Scotland.  Im looking for photos  video from France world cup 1998 to Euro 2020 as   did go every game . you get touch  by email Thank you   then give no send videos u have filmed  16 9 landscape  thanks .










iain 2.jpg




















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