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Name your favourite biscuit

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Macy has started a thread about biscuits. Call Boris Johnson, this isolation has gone too far.

Too many to choose from but I really like shortbread and I also am a fan of chocolate digestives, but milk chocolate for me.  



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16 minutes ago, dan cake said:

Controversial answer but Jaffa cake’s and preferably from the fridge. 

I really like jaffa cakes too. It would actually have been easier to name the biscuits i dont like.
I have never had them from the fridge though. How does that affect the sponge? Does it make it go that brittle way? That would be a big no no . 

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Classic........ haven’t had one in years, maybe decades, but remember they are good. 
A woman at work has been bringing in Gold biscuits...... or tony hadley’s as they’re now known...... she gets them from poundland or something and whilst so sweet yer teeth dissolve, it’s almost impossible to stop at 3!

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5 minutes ago, thplinth said:

I believe Jaffa Cakes are officially cakes according to Customs & Excise.

Correct only to avoid paying “biscuit” tax tho. The difference between biscuits and cakes is when they go off, biscuits go soft and cakes go hard. Neither has ever made it to that stage in my house 

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Favourite biscuit? Fox's Crunch Creams.


I purchased some Cherry Bakewell flavoured McVities Chocolate Digestives the other day.



Jaffa Cakes are NOT biscuits.

Also, anything individually wrapped (Club, Gold, etc...) does not qualify in the biscuit debate.

It must be a biscuit; not a bar.

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