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Scottish players in action 19/20

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I think a lot of people are missing the point. Calling him up to the senior squad doesn't mean we have to play him at all. And, personally, I probably wouldn't give him more than a few minutes to dip

They used to say Kenny Dalglish never replicated his club form at Liverpool when he played for Scotland. In reality, he was too good for the Scottish diddies he had to play alongside who did not have

Aye.. Forrest has been shit hot, time after time right enough 

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1 hour ago, Caledonian Craig said:

Indeed but it feels good knowing you have back-up players you now feel comfortable with if they are pitched in.

Can’t remember the last time that was the case. 

Excitement for next month sky high and first time in a long long long time that we can look forward to a series of games with genuine confidence and optimism. 

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39 minutes ago, ceudmilefailte said:

Man United forum is back in love with McTominay.

If his team-mates had 50% of his passion, they would be top of the league.

It's hard for him. In previous generations, the united kids had Keane, Robson, Stam, Bruce, Vidic, etc, to learn from and to look up to. 

There's only two leaders in the Manchester United squad: McTominay and Fernandez.

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1 hour ago, Burj_Alba said:

390 minutes in 7 days. extraordinary. Imagine asking Pogba to do that? Would get 390 of strutting ( both him and his agent)

Collective hats off to SMcT.

Yeah agreed. He totally proved all the fans wrong too as he looked out his depth at the back and now looks comfortable and a perfect fit

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1 minute ago, Tartan Chris said:

He cost them 25m so will be starting before too long.

Saw Reims were playing last night and was going to watch to have a look at Hornby but he wasn't involved.

Hasn't made the bench much for Reims and Reims are second bootom of Ligue 1 

I doubt if the standard near the bottom of the league is up to much  and at 21 possible that Hornby might not be the answer

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