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Scottish players in action 19/20

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59 minutes ago, ErsatzThistle said:

When can we realistically expect Billy Gilmour to be back in action ?

I really think we ought to just throw this lad right in at the deep in end with regards the senior team. Forget the U21s. 

He may be young and very inexperienced but his skills already appear to be much better than a number of other Scotland midfielders who are older and more experienced than him. When he has played for Chelsea, he's appeared confident and positive, always going forward with the ball.

Get Gilmour right in there.

When it happened Lampard said three or four months, so, I'm guessing he'll be training next month or November.

He'll be back in action next year.

I don't care what age he is: Skill, speed of thought, technical ability, football intelligence, he is head and shoulders above all of the midfielders in the Scotland squad. Him and McTominay are a breed apart from played like Jack, McGregor, Christie, etc.

That's the thing. Whilst playing for Scotland, the level of his team mates tend to bring Robertson down to their level. The same might happen with Billy Gilmour. 

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They used to say Kenny Dalglish never replicated his club form at Liverpool when he played for Scotland. In reality, he was too good for the Scottish diddies he had to play alongside who did not have

Aye.. Forrest has been shit hot, time after time right enough 

I think a lot of people are missing the point. Calling him up to the senior squad doesn't mean we have to play him at all. And, personally, I probably wouldn't give him more than a few minutes to dip

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53 minutes ago, 0Neils40yarder said:

There will be some folk on here furious about that 


39 minutes ago, vanderark14 said:

There really wont🤣

The lamp has already been thrown across the living room and I'm tearing the seat cushions open at this very moment......

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