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In praise of Brendan Rogers

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As a Hearts fan maybe i shouldn't be saying this but...

Brendan Rogers has been a huge force for good for the National team and deserves massive credit for what he has done. Even though it's early days Oli Burke looks like yet another Scot benefiting from his guidance to go alongside McGregor, Christie, Johnston, Forrest etc.

Most weeks there will be a minimum of 5-6 Scots starting and it could easily be as high as 8 or 9 with more on the bench.

It's a shame that Gerrard's not following suit but hopefully it's just a short-term strategy that changes over the long-term. Levein's disappointed me this season after the positivity of the young lads last year but there's others that deserve credit such as Robinson. Fingers crossed the Motherwell lads progress.

I'm sure Rogers will be back in the EPL someday and I think it'll be a loss to the National team (although you wouldn't be surprised to find an increase in Scots at whichever club he finds himself at).

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The longer he's here the better for us


He's born to develop players and even signs players with that in mind. When most of managers buy overage over expensive foreigners and never give Scottish youth a chance

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