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Sir Andrew Barron Murray

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(I thought that this deserved its own thread)

One of the most professional and most talented athletes ever to come out of Scotland. A man who gave his all for his sport and a man who has made Scotland smile, and from a sporting stand-out, it was long overdue!  And not only that, but a good man who believes in equality, a brilliant role model and a man has never forgotten where he comes from.

The fact that he came out and declared his backing for an independent Scotland, despite the negativity which he was going to receive, speaks volumes of his confidence in his country.

Money changes people, it makes them spoilt and it can turn some into complete intolerable ego-maniacal monsters, but Andy Murray is the same as he was before the Slams, the Olympic gold, the number one status as well as the fortune.

A true legend, a gentleman and a credit to Scotland.

Tennis will not be as colourful without him.

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8 hours ago, Squirrelhumper said:

He's putting up a hell of a fight just now in Oz.

Seriously, at the tail end of the first set I was calling it. I was feeling for him as he kept plugging away but you could just tell that he couldn't move in the way that he wanted. Then the second set came and it looked like curtains. Saying that, though, Agut only manged a break per set up this point. Then came two tiebreak wins in a row....

He literally couldn't run anymore at the end of the fifth.

The crowd were absolutely fantastic, they were all with him (apart from one hilarious guy who kept shouting out "We love you, Roberto") till the end and were willing Andy to pull off the improbable.

It's a testament to how good Andy Murray is that he took a very good player to five sets when he was obviously not himself. His movement was dodgy all through the match.

The man is a legend.

The montage at the end was really nice, too.


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