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Scotland Supporters Club App

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I am currently working on a project to create a Scotland Supporters Club App which would appeal to the vast majority of us who support and follow the national team. I do not work for the SFA or any other company related to the SFA, I am simply a graphic designer (who designed the 12th Man t-shirt in 2007) who is trying to learn about building mobile applications and the process it takes to make one. For those who are tech savvy, I'm trying to become a UX Designer (User Experience). I want to design the App to be as a real live official supporters app (which in theory would be backed by the Scotland Supporters Club administration etc)

I have a few ideas of what our App could be like but need the support and help of everyone who cares enough to help me mock this up. If this starts to go really well then I will continue to feedback into this forum everything that I manage to create. It will be OUR app and not mine.

What I have do this far is a list of "areas" I think could be in the App but please if you feel you can add or subtract for a good reason then feel free to shout out. Is there anything you can think of that would be useful?

  • Instant ID button (for use abroad that has a passport styled instant ID for emergency use. This would have your photograph, SSC credentials and home address etc and could be accessed by Touch ID etc)
  • Account (specifically your personal account)
  • Campaign (Updates and fixtures of the current campaign)
  • Tickets (ability to log in and purchase tickets)
  • Team News
  • Events (Specific to either at Hampden or related to the match day OR big events we learn of in the nations we visit)
  • Friends (access to your friends and their accounts etc)
  • Shop (Link to Scotland merchandise)
  • Fun (daft things, videos, features for enjoyment and no particular reason)
  • Travel (Updates on specific travel information both home and abroad)

Thank you in advance for any help that can be given and to any interest this may invoke.

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First thing - Read about Lean Startup

"The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses" - Eric Ries

That might help guide you how to go about developing something that people want.

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Good luck getting the ssc to support anything productive. Unless you pay them a shitload of cash, they’ll have absolutely zero interest in taking part. 

Can just see them responding to your calls, “an app to make supporters lives easier, that we won’t make money off of? You sir, can fuck right off”

No offence intended, it’s probably a great idea, so there’s not a hope the dinosaurs will assist you. 


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Hey guys, thanks for the responses so far. The point of this project is not to get them to do it for real, it's for me personally to learn how an App is built using User feedback and what the users demand would be for that App. I've picked a Scotland Supporters App idea because it's an area of passion for me. I'm not interested in selling the idea to them or trying to convince them of it either. I am doing this for my portfolio and to create something that WE the fans would want.

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