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Only an Excuse being shite thread?

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I thought it was better than it has been in a good few years.

Big disappointment was “Mikey and Thommo” sportscene sketches thought it could’ve been done much better. Impressions were miles off and the joke was repetitive.

Mrs knows nothing about football and found it decent enough, which I suppose is the audience they are aiming for...

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10 minutes ago, Toepoke said:

Some of it was actually passable,  mainly the bits without Jonathan Watson.

Felt his new impersonations were really poor, he puts on the same voice for everyone.

As much as he’s ripped the hole out them, some of the old impressions were actually decent. Jim White, Souness, Davy Provan, even Jimmy Calderwood... were all decent enough impressions, he could do them on stage without being made up and you knew who they were supposed to be.

Michael Stewart could’ve been anyone from east of harthill services.

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8 minutes ago, scottincarlisle said:

I did see Gregor Fisher doing his Rev I M was ok.

I thought it was a nice idea, an attempt at a piece of nostalgia, but was probably something that should have been left alone.

It was cringey pish that would have Ricky Fulton turning in his grave.

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3 hours ago, Grumpyauldgit said:

Just watched OAE, still trying to find the funny bits, people where talking about.

Sturgeon doing the Floss was funny, the first Sportscene Spoof was good as well.. then they jutst repeated the same old joke for too long 

A missed opportunity with Lennon doing the airplane...  im sure a funny sketch could have been done there

The Natural Order Quote could have been worked on.

Stevie Clark could be a good spoof, his dry sense of humour.

Derek McInnis as well...   


Scottish fitba  is more than the ugly sisters .

The opening scene with Brendan O rogers singing also brought a smile or two     , Cilla Black/Gerrard was good..


The MacAvenney     prefer the Nat King brought a laugh out loud moment... ( cant remember the joke atm)


Overall Pass marks from me, a 6 or 7 a big improvement on previous years , however it could be better still

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Only an excuse was surprisingly not a pile of shite last night but only because it wasn't on.

Thought the replacement Queen of the New Year was pretty funny though.

Mind you, in true BBC Scotland style they'll probably have that on well by its sell by date as well.

One general point though, BBC Scotland comedy unit really does have to get a lot less Weegie-centric.

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