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32 minutes ago, tattiescone69 said:

Think Volgograd looks a cracking place to visit seeing it on tv in the WC 

It was the poorer of the three cities I visited during the WC. Moscow and particularly Kazan were a lot better. 


Having said that we were only there three nights and one of those days was taken up with a game so didn’t see as much of Volgograd compared to the other two. 


The hike up to the Mother Russia statue was cracking though, although the 40 degree heat was brutal 🥵

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1 minute ago, tartanmartin said:

point 26.02 in here: https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/Regulations/uefaorg/Regulations/02/54/36/05/2543605_DOWNLOAD.pdf

all venues to be announced by the host nation 120 days in advance of the fixture.

That confrms what I have been told.

I emailed the supporters club this morning as i need to get to Turkey after the game so need tp know where we will be. They literally replied 5 mins ago to say they will not know the venue till later in the year . 

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On 12/3/2018 at 6:13 AM, Shotts56 said:

Bear in mind Russia is BIG.  No idea if they ever play in Vladivostok, but if they do, that’s seven days on a train from Moscow 😳

Im up for a bevvy train,Last one Warsaw to Minsk 18 hrs pure dead brilliant.

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