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48 minutes ago, Mox said:

What is the point of Klimala and Ajeti if the manager won't even start them when our main striker is out, fucking madness. Bitton dropped for no apparent reason either, could be a long night.

I have to agree. I can see Ajeti lacking fitness but Klimala's omission is a concern. Is he the new Bayo already? 🙈

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You’re right, it’s not a dumb question, it’s a downright fucking ignorant one.    Motherwell were playing europa league on Thursday, so believe it or not, the whole world doesn’t revolve around

It sure was. Celtic normally just get embarrassingly papped out of 2 European Trophies per year. 

I have no issue in calling you out as a boring prick.

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As much as I want Scottish teams to do well, its funny when one of the two weegies get a hiding. Celtic look utterly clueless, spineless and devoid of ideas.

Lennon must take the blame.

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2 minutes ago, slasher said:

Shameful exit! We held all the cards there but set them on fire. 

We've got some decent players but they are let down by dreadful coaching

Fill yer boots lads


That's it in a nutshell. No shape, no style of play,  no identity, 78 minutes before a strikers on the pitch, Brown puffing out his arse for 90 minutes and a 3.5 million pound striker sitting on his arse on the bench.

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How bad were Celtic? I don’t just mean tactically or mentally, they also look unfit. Some appear to be carrying injuries or too much weight, and although you don’t have to be Lou Ferrigno to play the game, other boys there have pigeon chests and arms like pipe-cleaners. Shadows of the athletes they could be if they put it in off the park. When the Hungarians clapped eyes on them, there will have been zero intimidation.


Anyway, I digress. The main reason they lost is because they are shit.

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5 minutes ago, slasher said:

How long you been waiting to do that sad sack? 

He still can't fuck up 10iar unless the huns get a benefactor. If he does he best emigrate 🤣

Your team lost a game tonight that they shouldn't have.

Take it as one of these things that occasionally happens in life.

The sad sack stuff is beneath you.

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