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13 hours ago, vanderark14 said:

Any formula 1 fans on here? If so, can you tell what the feck is so appealing about it? 

There only seems to be one team who can win it like the SPFL and all because they have the fastest car.



No it's pish, until they put them all in the exact same car and let them overtake etc like the old days there is no point to it. and Lewis Hamilton is the cunts cunt! 

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15 minutes ago, thplinth said:

Well I dont think you would if that is what you saw in my post. I do think there is a real animus from you towards him for some reason.

That said there are plenty out there who would stoop that low. (It is the quiet ones you have to worry about!)

He is just putting himself on offer, it is stupid. He has identified himself on here, it would not take Sherlock to work out who he works for based on his posts, one email to them saying this person has identified themselves as a representative of your company along with a few choice posts (taken out of context of course) and asking if this sort of behaviour was a fair reflection on XYZ Ltd or whoever... Maybe his employer would not care but I know some would. Would you want to be sat down with your HR manager on a Monday morning explaining some of those posts... Now that would a be a cunt move for sure. But when you add in the 'banter' which is just gloating and goading in equal measure I'd say you have a much higher chance of eliciting such a cunt move. As I said, reckless, especially in the current ultra PC climate.

But anyway, back on topic, jobbies.

Sorry, had to google animus. 

I don’t really, I just see it as very childish the way he reacts when Celtic beat teams we all know they will and then loses the plot when anyone dares criticise them, which were seemingly not allowed to do. 

He’s just thick as shit and can’t take any criticism that comes his way, yet feels entitled to blast it out to whoever he sees fit. 

Ive tried to answer every question he’s posed to me as much as I can, yet he refuses to answer anything directed at him. 

To be honest and I think everyone else is the same, it’s just too easy to say something and imagine the reaction when he’s thumping at his keyboard. 

Don’t even get me started on the selfies 😂😂😂

Anyway, jobbies. 

Im not gonna have the same issues of things hanging around after a half arsed (pardon the pun) wipe for a while, as I treated myself to a full veet yesterday. 

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