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20 hours ago, TAMB1 said:

The last part of the header upgrades are complete. What do we all think?

In general looks good. On the mobile site the navigation area at the top of the page, above the logo, has a different shade of blue which looks disjointed. 

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5 hours ago, scottincarlisle said:

I still think it says Tartan Amy on my phone. :wub:

Certainly does (and I'm using a laptop). The tracking is all to cock. This was pointed out a month ago when we were asked to comment on various potential versions, and this is actually worse.

On ‎01‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 10:56 PM, DonnyTJS said:

Yeah, 3 & 4 are a serif font and the rest are sans. I'd suggest tweaking the sans tracking so that the r doesn't run into the m - as it stands it's just a confusion of minims.

Personally, I liked the version that's been up there for the past two or three weeks. If we do have to have this bolder font, then please kern the letters in 'Army' apart.

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I appreciate the work that's been done by TAMB1 and think he/she was brave to put their work out to be judged. Tough audience on here.

I think it's been tightly kerned on purpose to try to make it more unique. It's a bit of a style thing that purists and old folk won't like. I remember my uncle going crazy because he'd received an annual report and not only were the figures too small they were printed on a grey background so the contrast wasn't great. He rambled on about how designers should know their audience and that a lot of readers of annual reports would be older with poor eyesight. I bit like the audience on here I'd guess. :)

The logo has definitely been carefully considered. Look at how the words 'Message Board' line up perfectly under the word 'Tartan'. That's not an accident.

That said, if I'm truthful, I think that the words 'Message Board' should be bigger so they end up wider than the word 'Tartan'. As it is, the word 'Army' looks cut off from the rest and is floating. I also agree that it would benefit from the kerning being looked at, though just kerning the 'r' and 'm' won't work in isolation. Not so easy with everything else being so tightly kerned and the font being bold.

Good luck TAMB1. You did ask! :beer2:


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All good points, Bobster (have you worked in printing?). 

You're right about the matched width of Tartan and Message Board (hadn't registered with me), but it's a design choice that has led to other problems. As you say, Message Board is too small and the kerning on the lettering above is too tight. If the tracking was loosened across Tartan Anny you could enlarge Message Board somewhat, but not much - and Anny is the problem rather than Tartan because of the obliques on A and y and the bunched minims on r and m.

Just explained to the wife that I was typing about the lettering on the TAMB's new logo to which she replied "You're not being a grumpy old man, are you, and complaining?" Time for bed...

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