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Next Scotland Manager ?


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Who's Next ?

Across the bookies the following candidates are mostly listed as the favourites,

David Moyes
Malkay Mackay
Alex McLeish
Paul Lambert 
Derek McInnes 
Scot Gemmill

with some terrifying & ridiculous wild card suggestions coming in the form of Allardyce, Coyle, Lennon etc


Who do you think will be the next Scotland manager ?

Who would you like to be the next Scotland manager ?

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From that lot I think I'd go with wanting the SFA to give Moyes a go at the job. 

A part of me wouldn't mind seeing McLeish get it but the other part of me wouldn't be happy with rewarding him again after he walked out on us last time. 

McInnes is tempting but I feel it's not the right time for him.

MacKay - Please No!

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I didn't have faith in the SFA to sack him/not renew his contract, and am pleasantly surprised they have decided to change, but I have little faith in them getting it right - whatever that means. I think they will appoint Moyes.

i would prefer that we appointed one of the following ridiculous scenarios:

1) Northern Ireland and/or the Republic of Ireland go out in the play offs and either Michael or Martin O'Neill become available. I'm not advocating their philosophy/style of play, but they get the best out of their 'limited resources' and know how to organise a team, something Strachan has failed to do. Some of the Irish results away from home are envious - Hungary, Greece (NI) Germany, Austria, Wales (RoI).

2) A 'godfather' of Scottish football type appointment - Sir Alex, Walter Smith, Kenny Dalglish - with a younger former international as assistant - John Collins, Gary McAllister, David Weir, even Ally McCoist.

3) A 'godfather' of Scottish football type appointment as above, but with a younger Scottish manager/coach as assistant to be mentored for the role in a few years - Derek McInnes the obvious choice, Neill McCann, Steven Pressley etc.

4) Go foreign. Hiddink, Van Gaal, De Boer, Blanc all available, Advocaat and Laagerback should be consulted. Lars Olsen has been mentioned on other posts. 

All of the above would of course be dependent on the SFAs actual willingness to change and progress.

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I honestly think McLeish will get another crack at it.

He wants the job, no club to have to pay compo, his results were pretty good last time so if he could repeat that in a much weaker group than 2007 there would be a good chance of qualfiying and his dour, defensive play (I had a year of watching it) is perfectly suited to International football.

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46 minutes ago, GlesgaArab said:

If they appointment Mackay, will not be renewing SSC membership for first time in 15 years. 

Its bad enough having him as performance director, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the managers job.

what sort of message does that send out.


Tom English said tonight on Radio Scotland tonight that he'd be suprised if he gets it. SFA had a job justifying him for performance director never mind the managers role. Said they also cant be seen to be hiring again for performance director.

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37 minutes ago, hamilton wanderer said:

Alex Neil

can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and play entertaining football. With Paul lambert as an assistant 

Would go for Billy Reid

Certainly wouldnt have had that second half performance on Sunday with him in charge

Edit  - Reid has been assistant manager at Swedish club Ostersunds since Nov 2013

In 2016 they reached the Swedish premier league for the first time in their history

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The sfa are not going to be looking to pay any compensation unless its pennies. They'll have drawn up a shortlist of 5 managers who are Scottish. I really dont think that they want a foreign coach but if they do, I'd imagine it will be a pretty swift appointment and given a friendly game in November. 


Moyes, Lambert, McLeish Clarke and Jim Duffy (min comp)



Hiddink, poss Van Gaal might be interested but both would command a hefty wage

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