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Found 4 results

  1. Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU, British citizens will be required to pay a €7 fee every three years to travel within the EU via the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). Apparently the system is set to go online in 2021. This doesn't affect us imminently, nor is it a big fee given the length of time it's valid for - but it's worth knowing. I guess it'll work in a very similar way to the American system, if anyone has travelled there.
  2. Labour are suggesting that they'll call a no confidence vote in the Government if the Brexit deal vote is lost by the Government. "Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, if the government loses a vote on a motion of no confidence it has 14 days to pass a second confidence motion, or Parliament is dissolved and a general election is called." I reckon this could backfire and swing MPs behind the Government deal.
  3. This is massive news. Almost certain that Parliament will vote on revoking Article 50 now; the fallout of revoking it would be very interesting though.
  4. In typical Flora fashion, I've got a chance of a job in Spain - the timing couldn't be better. Does anyone on here live there? If so, any good? What's the feeling about Brexit? I met the geezer in the weej last week, and he wants me out for an interview over there. The cash is pretty shit, but it's free accommodation. The only person I'd miss is my maw, so it's nae great upheaval. It's down in Valderamma (nr Malaga). My Spanish isn't that bad, but if it's full of Cockney gangsters, then it's not for me.
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