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  1. Yes, canna wait to get back to the gigs... and if your song is New Rose, that must make the Afflicted’s Anarchy in the Uk... I’ll take that 😀
  2. Have Rudebeard ever played Dundee? Beat Generator is a good wee venue that usually gets a no bad crowd for ska / punk bands. You should give John the owner a shout when we get through this covid pish.
  3. Aye right enough, you e blown your chance of a trip on the private jet
  4. Thanks. Good luck with your one... you’re getting some good publicity... remember us when you’re sitting in the stands with Rod Stewart
  5. Here’s the Afflicted’s offering. Donations going to the Tartan Army Children’s Charity. Yes sir we can boogie...
  6. Yes sir we can boogie
  7. How about a Scotland Euro-vision for the best new Euro Anthem? Here’s the Arbroath entry... All for a great Tartan Army charity. if you’ve got another entry chip it into the Euro-Vision. If not just donate to this one
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