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  1. hursty

    Scottish player transfers

    Not a senior team player, but Ross Doohan who was one of the two keepers for the u21's in Toulon has signed a season long loan at Ayr Utd. He will definitely be starting the season as first choice keeper so will be interesting to see how he does.
  2. re: the England game, I got tickets for Wembley through the Travel Club having never applied for an away game before. Not a chance that would happen now.
  3. hursty

    Peru - Match Thread

    Paper yesterday and a couple of journo's have McCrorie linked with a seasons loan to Ayr.
  4. Alloa v Ayr Utd is live on BBC Alba on Sunday 22nd, 4.10 pm kick off. Depending on the Stranraer v Raith Rovers result on Saturday it could see Ayr clinch the League 1 title, or could see Raith sitting a point clear with 1 game to go.
  5. hursty

    U17s beat Spain and Poland

    Anybody know our lineups?
  6. hursty

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Oliver Burke scored for West Brom u23's or whatever age group it is against Coventry in that EFL Trophy last night. Hopefully be back fully fit soon - strange he isn't involved for the u21s as well this week.
  7. hursty

    Ticket Sales Slovakia

    Yeah i just got 4 in P3 of South Lower. Lassie on phone said rest of South Lower towards the middle already sold out. Row Q was highest up i could get.
  8. hursty

    Slovakia - October 5th

    I'm a bit confused - is this the public sale that is now on? This is my first campaign out of the supporters club and always had someone else booking the tickets as part of a group in previous years.
  9. From one's we had at our speakers nights: John Gaghan was excellent i thought. Craig Brown was OK. Chick Charnley was dreadful i thought, as was Bill McMurdo (although those 2 were on the same bill and some of the crowd seemed to lap them up - Charnley's entire spiel seemed to be along the lines of 'ma mate in Possil wiz a Gers man so ah cawwd him Atilla'). Kenny Clark was actually quite good. Also had a guy who's name completely escapes me, was a former athlete who also had some connection to Dunfermline / Jim Leishman and was now a golfer - he was pretty good too.
  10. hursty

    Under 16s

    What was the line up?
  11. Looking for any advice - wee nephew (12 yr old) is looking for a Scotland hoodie. Doesn't even need to be the national team as such, just has to be dark blue. Any suggestions as to where to get one? Finding it surprisingly hard online.
  12. Warburton to Bolton, Lennon to Rangers. Easy.
  13. hursty

    Scotland Players In Action

    Forrest doesn't always hit the first man to be fair. He sometimes skellys it about 10 yards too long and it eventually runs out for a throw. Or even straight out for a goal kick. Versatile.
  14. hursty

    Scotland Players In Action

    D Fletcher is a strange one - everyone seems to be of the opinion that he is done and it's time to move on - yet he seems to be on great form for his club - possibly the best and most consistent he has been for years. I'd have him starting ahead of Brown any day of the week still.
  15. In recent-ish times Ayr have had a bit of success with Glynn Hurst from Emley and to a lesser extent Michael Moffat from Girvan