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  1. Just fire in someone else’s number and get them to send it to you?
  2. Need to put +44 and they don’t seem to like O2 for some reason
  3. Anyone seen anything about tickets in the home end?
  4. Party of 9 here that would be interested in this as well
  5. Not planning on spending the euros, seemingly plenty places to change them to local currency as and when needed. Not certain but I read somewhere that the ATM network can be patchy, even in Chisinau
  6. I'm getting euros to change over there. They're not keen on GBP and like you say, can't change any extra Moldovan currency back when we return
  7. Did you go for passport number as ID number when booking?
  8. Any idea which section the Scotland tickets are in?
  9. 8 of us without tickets. Emailed the hotel this morning to see if they can sort home end tickets for us.
  10. Where are people seeing it's sold out? I reckon it'll be simple enough to blag our way into the home end. If you can get a pint for 90p I'd imagine a ticket could be sourced for 20 quid.
  11. Not doubting you but to help me fully get my hopes up, where did you hear this?
  12. I wonder if a seat in the home end might be an option for those struggling for points? We booked up ages ago so will have to leave it up to fate now 😬
  13. Jeez that's cheap, good effort! We're thinking bus there and back but will have a look at flight from lasi. How did you book the bus? Will need to meet for a pint to say thanks for your help!
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