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  1. The more the merrier, it’s good to have competition and options all over the park. There’s a good chance we will need it, I’m sure there will be a couple of the squad with injuries when the playoffs come around.
  2. Scot1

    John fleck

    Just hope he makes a full and speedy recovery 🤞
  3. I think how the Norwich midfield is set up will really suit Gilmour and allow him to concentrate on getting on the ball and dictating play without worrying too much about the defensive side, with Normann and McLean beside him. Good to see Hanley back too.
  4. Starts for Norwich today alongside McLean. Hanley also returns to the Norwich side. Che Adams starts for Southampton
  5. I think Robbo can get better, as he gets more experienced as playing as a wing-back. I think we are starting to see him become more familiar and comfortable with the role. As far as his end product goes, his finishing, crossing, passing, his decision-making in general. I think this will improve over time. As a wing-back, he is finding himself in slightly different areas / situations than he generally finds himself playing as an attacking fullback for Liverpool. Once he begins to show more composure, which I think will come with time, I believe he’ll be more effective in an around the opposition box. He is quite effective at the moment, and I’m very happy with his performances and our left-side. I do think, with time, it’ll get even better. Has anyone heard how Robbo, Tierney and Gilmour are after the Denmark game? I hope they are just minor strains
  6. Cooper was immense, Souttar too
  7. I thought his legs had gone after about 70 minutes, didn’t think he had it left in him to make that run
  8. McGinn is an absolute warrior
  9. I’d take off Adams soon, he looks like he’s tiring
  10. Christie looks much better than Armstrong in the same position
  11. Think we’ll need a few subs relatively early, the boys are putting in a helluva shift
  12. Cooper’s played well last game against Moldova and this game too, pleased with his performances
  13. We’ve played some lovely stuff, quality performances so far
  14. The Danes are a big, strong team
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