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  1. No Tierney on the left, McTominay on the right. you could also go 4/3/3 with a midfield 3 of Tierney Gilmour McTominay a front 3 of Turnbull Adams McGinn
  2. If you play 4/4/2 Tierney Gilmour McGinn McTominay That would be my midfield 4 with Robbo and Patterson as fullbacks giving us width
  3. I’d personally go to a back 4, that allows another midfielder / attacker to be played instead of a centre half. It also allows most, if not all of the squad to play in their natural / familiar positions
  4. It’s got to be a mentality issue, because there were times in all the 3 games where we knocked the ball around nicely. Obviously when Gilmour was playing, but even in the other 2 games. We just need more composure on the ball. Hopefully experience like tonight will have a positive impact on the players, management etc, going forward. There are times to go direct, but not as often as we do.
  5. Our right hand side, regardless of formation needs to be rethought, we don’t have any offence down our right and the opposition knows it. On a positive note, Gilmour looks top quality Hanley looks good McGregor has a future in the squad.
  6. At the end of the day, we will not improve as a nation, in a football sense, until we become better in possession. We give the ball away far too easily and at this level that’s no good. Obviously with the emergence of Gilmour, we will surely retain possession more. But we need to stop going back to front so quickly.Move teams around, stretch them, drag them out of position through possession and passing. That’s what Croatia did tonight very well.
  7. Really looking forward to watching Gilmour vs Modric
  8. I can see us employing a high press. We don’t want the Croatians passing the ball around their backline unchallenged, slowing the game down to their pace. Maybe the same starting 11, but more use of the subs bench earlier to bring on fresh legs
  9. Tempo, tempo, tempo. If we can force the Croatians to play at a high tempo, I think we can see them wither on that big Hampden pitch. Make them work, don’t give them a seconds rest. It’ll be good to see Gilmour play against Modric, a bit of a passing of the baton moment in my mind.
  10. Gilmour has to potential to be the most important player Scotland has ever produced. It maybe because of Billy that we change the style of football we play from a direct style to a more possession based game at international level. Young Scottish kids will be watching Gilmour and saying, “I wanna play football like Billy”, coaches should use this opportunity to instil a passing/possession based game while Billy is around.
  11. That’s what I saw. The way people were talking it was if we were working their keeper and forcing him to make save after save. Didn’t happen, the vast majority of our chances were “blocked” by a defender. Which brings up the question of intellect/brains, decision making. Yesterday I saw plenty of players, blasting the ball straight at a Czech player from close range knowing full well that ball isn’t going past the defender, bewildering
  12. You really need to stop putting words in other peoples mouths. Go through my post history and tell me where I’ve said that we have top class strikers. What you and other posters seem to want to do is make them the scapegoat and I don’t agree. I don’t think we created enough quality, clear cut chances for our strikers yesterday. That’s not their fault. The 2 best chances both fell to defenders who both failed to score. The 2 Dykes chances were nowhere near as simple/easy as is being made out. I guarantee you most strikers in this tournament wouldn’t have scored them.
  13. 19 chances of which 11 are blocked, 3 shot wide, 5 on target Czechs, 10 chances, 7 on target, 3 off target, 0 blocked i think it’s clear we didn’t create enough good quality, clear chances, the Czechs did. Marshal was forced to make more, better saves
  14. Ok mate, why don’t you pop into your local university and tell them their statistics department is nonsense, tit
  15. That’s a half chance, it came to him quickly through a group of players onto his weaker left foot. Doubtful many strikers, even the very top ones would’ve scored that. We didn’t create anywhere near enough good, clear cut chances.
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