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  1. No. You're trying to bully me. That's the thing with Hyena, pack mentally, it's best to go for the weaker ones. That's your mistake. Nothing but conjecture, You have no proof. You think Dohadeer is me. You're clutching at straws. Again, I have no idea what you're talking about, Hoss All I can see that you (and others) have accused him of being someone else. So, now you believe him? Are you going to apologize to him then? Are you going to apologize to me for offering to flash me?
  2. What, you mean.. Flash me? Dude, I don't swing that way. Hoss, this is a well-trodden road you're going down. You should know by now that no amount of bullying can effect me, no matter the numbers that go against me. So, if I were you I'd walk away with your spurs in your wake. Also, if Doahadeer really was me I think you'd know. He might be a smug a-hole, but compared to me he's an amateur. So, what you were you saying about Dohadeer being me?
  3. I'm sure that I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, Hoss. If you think I'm Dohadeer or this poster or that poster, it actually doesn't register with me. But if you wish to continue with your paranoid fantasy, go ahead. I just find it pathetic that you have to engineer drama. If you're unable to accept the fact that two people can be well versed at writing, that's on you. As I said, though, continue with it at your leisure. It seems to be winding up Dohadeer... I mean... Me... So by all means, keep it up.
  4. You know, not everyone would get that... Luckily I did.
  5. Dude, don't you think it's possible for more than one person to be literate, in Scotland? And do you think it possible for more than one of those people to register here? I think you take the Texas/Cowboy thing a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit too far. Next thing you'll be challenging me to a duel at the Ponderosa. You act like you're the governor here. Wrong. You can say what you want, mate. I take it as a backhanded compliment. So, please, keep it up.
  6. Apart from dressing down anyone who has the temerity to have a different opinion as you? And don't think I haven't noticed your failure to reply to my response to your post in the other thread. Hilarious. Can't take on someone your own size? That's a shame.
  7. That's sweet, but this is merely a pit-stop. I'll only begin posting regularly again during the next round of competitive matches, i.e the WC qualifiers. The playoffs mean nothing to me.
  8. 100% spot on. Also, it's time to stop fooling ourselves that we have top midfielders. We don't. They are decent. They're good at passing between 5-15 yards, which is why we should play a compact three in midfield.
  9. First, show some respect! You do realize that other people can have an opinion that differs from yours, don't you? Also, do you not realize that the best team doesn't necessarily contain the best players? Do you honestly think you can only play three central defenders if you have top quality center backs? Sheffield United play 3-5-2 and they have the second best defensive record in English football this season. Do Sheffield United have world class center backs?: Basham, Egan, O'Connell? Would any of those three get into the Tottenham/Manchester United/Arsenal first XI? Are any of those nine what you'd call "top defenders"? Barcelona and Real Madrid aren't going to bid on those players any time soon. On current transfer market value, those three have a combined price tag of £20.5m. Virgil Van Dijk alone, is worth £92.7m. Sheffield United are in 5th position in the EPL. With the second best defensive record in the EPL. Above the likes of Manchester United (biggest club in the world, by the way), Arsenal, Tottenham, etc. Wolves, too, play with a variant of a 3. They are in 7th. Newcastle were looking in trouble, and destined for the drop, before Bruce decided to scrap a back four and replicate the Rafa Benitez template of 3, now they're 12th and pretty much safe. And you say that we have to play 5 in midfield? (I'm going to ignore the fact that 3-5-2 IS having 5 in midfield) 4-2-3-1 isn't 5 in midfield. Technically, it's zero in midfield. Anchormen aren't midfielders, nor are wingers and a number 10. A 3-5-2 would give us 2 box to box midfielders and an anchorman in the middle. This obsession with 4-2-3-1 has brought us nothing with grief. We cannot play with four at the back. We simply do not have the central defenders for it. Therefore, it's a case of strength in numbers. 3 is harder to break down than 2. Our strongest position is in midfield, so why do people want to play two anchormen, two wingers and a number 10? We don't have the luxury of players with wingers and a number 10 and pretty much emptying the midfield. Also, Kwhitelaw is absolutely correct when he talks about the striking position. Since we've played with a sole striker all they seem to do is run around like a headless chicken, as they are given nothing but aimless long balls to catch. A second striker would lighten to load on our sole striker. Plus, playing two strikers would engage and occupy two opposing center backs, as opposed to just one,
  10. In fairness, it doesn't really count when the pelters comes from a person who obviously doesn't know a great deal about football. Your formation is fine, and midfield and strikers are also fine, it's just your defenders that need a tweak.
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