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  1. Just had a big mosquito biting on my leg ! This winter is very springy hereabouts .
  2. Sure I heard the other day that our new best rivals Israel were considering putting Green badges on folk vaccinated against the plague to allow access to facilities. Don’t see that going down so well in Scotland. mebbes we should go with Yellow or Red . Not Star shape mind
  3. Mate. 1998 Did a test run face painting at the Wembley play off twixt the Makems and Charlton . multiple Mackems wanted FTM painted on them and their kids because it meant ‘ fuck the Mags ‘ to them . True story.
  4. SNP are and will always be the main , not sole, driver to the liberation of Scotland from English Private Schools rulers. the fact it has taken many decades has afforded a greater number of mo fu to entertain themselves at our expense. Through TAMB I have communicated with folk involved in the struggle as long as I have lived. This has been a continuous struggle just to exist . Who the fuck do you think we are pissing off. I am still up for it after more than 40 years . Come Indie , SNP can get tea. Cakes from around.
  5. Genuine question When was it right ? Years and evidence. Always been a bit way IMO . s’Why I like it. whoa and wtf too
  6. Am glad the game is on , hopefully. Welsh neighbour again is feeling doubtful playing England as they only beat 14 men against Ireland and Scotland. I reckon they’ve a great chance and will once again have lots of Lions in the team . Rory Best had an article about the choices needed made between making this remain a skill and technical game or moving more toward athletic specimen chess like Ami football. The sort of game where physical damage is compulsory.
  7. OT but and watched the films ‘Shallow Grave ‘ , ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Acid House’ on a Film 4 bender last night . Anyone on here have rolls in either ?
  8. I won’t bother trying a joke about the ‘period’ ‘full stop’ different side of the pond meanings again . 🖖 think Hibs might get 2nd. St Mirren top six looks doable.
  9. Some wouldn’t care. hope it’s ok quoting you . 😬
  10. Different sport, but you might remember the ‘one team in Tallin ‘ game . They changed their own rules to force the rearranged game which of course we dropped points at. Scotland just aren’t important enough. There are other examples.
  11. Put this here as it isn’t just about Scotland games but it does affect everything. So atm in England, three days after the Scotland v England game at Wembley with max 10,000 in attendance all restrictions will be lifted allowing full attendance for the rest of the tournament on June 21. Bit of me wondering if this midsummer Westminster date is depending on the idea that the Scotland team will be heading for the usual group stage exit by then . Allowing a progressive England team to eh progress in their home campaign to be Champions of Europe in a new period of unrestricted English ness
  12. A balmy 15c or so here atm . The world and his mate seem to be out and about so gonna visit my dog pal ‘round the corner and see if he wants to go out. He’s yet to knock me back !
  13. I’ve got it Tydy is Ramy when in Scotland. The wings over Scotland has alerted me to this shit . my family’s fae feegie , so these Linwood and Govan Hhouns can gtf . Saor Alba or summit
  14. Though I am not sure if fringo considers being emoticoned to death by the mighty TYDER63 as anything other than a glorious demise. Let’s be honest , many would (n’t)
  15. Sorry mate . Had to laugh . Knew the proposed landing time and beeb along with the football had a live click that didn’t require the do you pay for our unionist bollox too. it was mainly cgi but real-time for the action. Well, as long as I could be bothered.
  16. Regards Fagerson’s ban it seems that rugby judges are just like the legal ones. They consider their supremacy as paramount not the laws and judgment. So if you don’t kiss arse and say ‘fair cop ‘ that so upsets them that you will be disproportionately punished for having the audacity to challenge their omnipotence. ah well. apparently the French have twigged this amongst others.
  17. Watched the last 10k descent on the beeb live feed . Wow. The deceleration, altitude monitor all to see. was it real dough ? 😬
  18. That made me laugh I must say . Some racist , misogynistic, homophobic etc is my favourite. but seriously Scott. This guy is dark lord . Jimmy Saville was his jester.
  19. On thread. Great the Glasgow Green and White kept the chase up . Hope the huns start partying more n they end the last games playing u19 recommended by guys on here.
  20. It’s said that the nazerian was told to move on from glenburn , passed thru Dundee
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