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  1. metroscot


    My trip to Play-Offs has been cancelled in light of the travel restrictions from the USA. As of this morning my only cost is airline ticket Glasgow-London-Oslo and I'm hopeful of refund in light of travel restrictions Allyson
  2. Possibly ESPN or ESPN+ .. they've been showing Euro Qualifiers
  3. Wonder how it will work with UEFA if you apply for Match Day 2/England vs Play Off Winner (hopefully Scotland) but already have a ticket for Hampden Game (Croatia vs Czech Republic) as UEFA policy says you cannot have tickets for different games on same day..
  4. I know many, including me, have been wondering how the SFA/Supporters Club would handle tickets if/when Scotland qualify for the Final. This is the reply I received today. We will be going on sale the next day should we progress. As for the sales schedule this will be determined once we have the final allocations from both respective FA’s. We are currently conducting the site visits in both countries and will confirm the final allocations for tickets in the next few weeks. Firstly I am surprised that they don't already know the ticket allocation, considering the draw was made over 6 weeks ago. Secondly, it doesn't seem they are taking into the consideration of the "travel challenges" supporters will have for flights/hotels The sensible way to handle these tickets would be Booking Form with 2 (two) options If Scotland qualify for final and Norway are opponent, do you wish a ticket for match? Yes/No If Scotland qualify for final and Serbia are opponents, do you wish a ticket for Match? Yes/No If YES to either option request form of payment Confirm ticket allocation to member Only charge credit card, on morning of March 27th, if Scotland qualify Simple technology/smartsheet and SFA/Scotland get "highest" number of supporters and Scotland Supporter Club Members know in advance they will have ticket and can plan travel (flights/ferries/hotels) accordingly.
  5. I hope they come up with a "provisional" final plan. I work with a major sports club in the USA and the way its done here is if your team qualify for play-offs then for "away games" depending on your priority you get allocated a "provisional ticket". You get charged for all play-off games and if team qualify you get ticket otherwise option of credit on account or full refund. I've never liked the way handle "away tickets" and there is no reason other than money (scared they dont sell a home game) why they don't put away tickets on sale earlier. After all they get #500K + from membership fees every two years.
  6. I'm travelling from New York for semi-final and decided I'd do a "Norway Vacation" irrespective of result. I've got friends in Noway and they tell me that "Scotsmen Pub" in Olso is a good place to watch matches ... I've booked flight to Oslo on 30th from London and then fly home to NY on 1st April. Hopefully it will be Norway vs Scotland, but at worst a vacation in Oslo
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