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  1. You’re a sad, pathetic, cowardly, big mouthed arsehole with an over-inflated opinion of himself who believes that by somehow always getting the last word in on a thread on a stupid Internet forum (which he’s been on for 14 years lol) that he has won some important victory and can rest easy in the knowledge that the world knows that Vanderark can never be wrong, lol. You’re a tit.
  2. You’re an arsehole, and one day your mouth is gonna get you into more trouble than you can handle.
  3. “Theres already three threads about the starting 11. We didn't need a 4th or another essay” That was your 1st post on my thread. You’re basically asking me to justify and validate my actions to you for posting a thread on football on a football forum. Who do you think you are?
  4. You can always tell an arsehole, they don’t know when to shut up and let things go.
  5. You’re an arsehole mate, you’ll always be one, apologises or not.
  6. If you read all my posts I suggested that Mulgrew would be a possibility once another poster stated he has played there. But we can’t expect to get anywhere while we are needing to score at least 2 goals a game against anyone other than the very lowest seeded teams. I imagine it wouldn’t take much for you to find something funny. You probably still think that singing a stupid song from “Sound of Music” is hilarious. It was maybe funny one time, 30 years ago mate.
  7. Perhaps not the most popular choice, but I think if I was Clarke I’d be tempted to call him up again for the role. Especially for the Nations League games next year. I’d totally forgot that Mulgrew played as a Defensive Midfield Centre.
  8. In the group games during this qualifier Scotland have only managed 2 clean sheets, both against San Marino, that means we need to score at least 2 goals to win a match against teams like Cyprus.
  9. What I can say is that last season Livingston played a back 3 with Halkett in the centre of the 3 organising the back line. Livingston had 14 clean sheets, a goal difference of -2, averaging a loss of 1.15 goals per game over the season. The back line consisted of Kelly(gk) Gallagher. Halkett. Lithgow Kelly gone to QPR Gallagher gone to Motherwell, just won 1st cap for Scotland Halkett gone to Hearts and believe it or not may well still be their top goalscorer. Injured out to January. He scored 7 goals in 40 games last season, all 7 goals in the league. He was the captain of Livingston and organiser of the defence.
  10. Where, as a centre half? Or as a def mid?
  11. Ah right, sorry for the spelling mistake
  12. As a defensive midfielder, I don’t know he’s never played there, but I think he maybe able to. He’s mobile enough, probably decent enough on the ball to do the basics ok, which is all I’d expect. But he is very aggressive, good in the tackle, strong, threat at set pieces. As a centre half he is decent, in a back 4 we probably have better, but in a back 3 he’s good in the middle, he is a leader / organiser.
  13. You don’t know until you try. But I’ll tell you one thing, you won’t have opposition midfielders strolling through 3 and 4 challenges from our midfielders as happened yesterday.
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