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  1. That's a good question bonzo. I dont know the answer but I watched the guy make little attempt at a shot with no power yet again , the same way I watched him let 3 go past when we played Germany in 2015 that cost us dearly. It didn't work with Strachan and it wont work now
  2. The team Clarke put out I thought was good enough to win, confidence starts at the back and Marshall is not the guy for the job, he looks nervous a lot despite a cpl of good saves.. Scotland managers of late need  to get over their own egos and listen to the paying punters and I hope Steve isn't another in a long line

  3. JM78

    Club v Country

    Yeah I agree with you, I feel the same way.I was going to games where D Johnstone and D M CGrain where playing and never thought 40 years later we d still be on the first rung of the ladder. Saddening
  4. D Marshall is not at international level. He pulled off a couple of saves but he has no positional sense.
  5. As much as he pulled off a couple of good saves, D Marshall is not an international goalkeeper. His positional sense is questionable at best and he is costing us another major tournament.
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