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  1. Does anyone know if 1/ they are actually checking ID 2/ a driving license will be acceptable ( don’t want to use my passport)
  2. Anyone know how to transfer a mobile ticket? I will not be able to make the Croatia game now due to a work thing. I bought my tix through travel club and it says they’re non transferable, but terms n conditions state that it can be done if sick. Anyone tried this?
  3. Anyone figured out how to group tickets yet?
  4. There was a rule, when buying early tickets from uefa that you could only get a max of 4 matches. Does anyone know if that applies to tickets for Scotland supporters club too? I would doubt it but I don’t want to buy all 3 group games if I can only buy 1 other knockout game. (Overly optimistic of our chances)
  5. Does anyone know if your SSC linked accounts will work for UEFA tickets , so that we still sit together (all be it 4 seats away)?
  6. Coming up from England to Glasgow on Friday morning for Russia game. Got 2 tix for Belgium game too but won’t make it. Open to offers. Can probably meet before game on Friday or post them if soon enough.
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