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  1. Surprised no one has mentioned access to Capital as a major factor in aiding your chances of "success". The Black population by and large have no access to institutional capital to start new businesses etc. If you are born white and attend elite schools in developed societies you will have almost unlimited access to capital through the social networks inherent in those schools / colleges. And then of course there's the whole parenting & financial security thing.
  2. No mention of any Far Right group at all? Are the KKK just pro-hood rather than pro-white? No Pro-Zionist organisations? The Taliban?
  3. The 75 year old Antifa Agent Provocateur knocked down in Buffalo by the Buffalo riot police got what he deserved according to Trump and the TV station OANN today. Apparently the elderly gentleman was attempting to spam / block the Police communications using a secret app on his cell phone. Oh, and the OANN correspondent previously worked at the Russian propaganda outlet Sputnik, so it must be true.
  4. Good post - a lot of the African American TAMB members living in St Louis should be able to assist with this.
  5. Candace Owens being quoted now ffs. Regardless of how “articulate” she is (dog whistle) she is an unreconstructed opportunistic nazi and only her relatively attractive appearance has allowed her entrance as the acceptable face of blackness to right wing dinner tables. David Irving will be wheeled out next as an objective and “articulate” commentator.
  6. Intriguing that all this energy and anger is being channeled against the protestors, rather than at the reasons for the protest, or at the paramilitaries attacking civilian protestors. Draw whatever conclusion you want from that.
  7. Intriguing that this thread has turned into a witch-hunt against an anti-fascist protestor, of all things. Some of you need to take a good hard look at yourselves, and how easily you are being manipulated.
  8. In the midst of long overdue and well justified global anti-racism protests some might say searching the web to find and publish examples (solely) of black on white & black on black crime is incomprehensible.
  9. Do not trust anything published by a Rupert Murdoch owned media company.
  10. It’s good to see a good old race riot reveals the deep (state) racists / fascists on the board - you know who you are! Yes and you - the deep state Russian agent.
  11. Can’t believe someone on here has actually written the US blacks were better off in 1960. When segregation was the law and the KKK were lynching blacks all they the South, without recourse. the tamb should be shut down or at least the “proud boys” booted off.
  12. Was it a seamless appropriation of the TAMB by a rag-taggle group of Russian sponsored Proud Boys and 3 Percenters?
  13. There are people on this thread that supported Trump and actively spread other misinformation propagated by the Kremlin - never forget that.
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