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  1. Haven't watched it for years. Preferred to watch Alba on Hogmany. Peat n Deisel were a brilliant surprise.
  2. Bull Shit on me excusing racism. I am just calling it as I heard it. I didn't hear them abusing any other players but if they were I will stand corrected.
  3. This is what happens when the clatter merchants take thier toll.
  4. As far as I could hear. The abuse such as it was, was directed at that divin cheating wee shit Sterling and nobody else. Me thinks the over sensitive sassenachs hypocrites doth protest too much. I guess ah just upset a few souls. I remember how we got slagged off in The anti Scottish Brit Press and Media for booing that divin cheat Neymar. I see no difference in this instance.
  5. How many times do the yoons need to be slapped in the heid.
  6. The British State is now firmly aligned with a Fascist State. My grandfather and grand uncles will be turning in their graves having fought against that in WW2. No voters should hing thier heids in shame. The Brit State is a disgrace.
  7. It's probably been said before but why don't they give away the thousands of unsold tickets to schools.
  8. They always were. John Grey man Major admitted it when he was PM when he said the Ingerland had no economic or strategic interest in the six counties but will the knuckle trailing yoons see it. Will they fuck.
  9. Aye there is. Well I'm in the dam recoving from Moscow and crazy diamonds shine here.
  10. I think we are stuck with Clarke? Look at what any manager has to work with.
  11. We got pumped and that is becoming too common. Oh well I enjoyed Moscow anyway. Annoyed because some of them and naming no names seemed to give up at 2nd Russky goal. Our GK left stranded by defense again.
  12. The Brit Nat Press and Media have her hung drawn and quartered already. And I bet the SNP won't back her up either. They have form for ditching folk when BBC in particular begin a witch hunt.
  13. Blair is one of those people that get me foaming at the mooth. Why he isn't in jail says it all about how corrupt and crooked the UK is.
  14. So when does the scratching and hair pulling start. Meeow.
  15. So much for that special relationship that the Brit Nats keep drooling about with the Yanks eh.
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