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  1. if you squint at that last graphic its quite likely you'll see nicola s inspecting a cabbage whilst smoking a pipe wearing a green ball gown after a heavy night on the lash
  2. This post title seems to be morphing into a more “mavericks of yesteryear ; who had difficulty in being utilized in a given system “ not sure they could have done more with said talent / in circumstances le tissier , stan bowles etc
  3. heroin addict ; 3 1/2 seasons in the lower reaches of football league , then sad demise not exactly role model material
  4. Anyone know when the (old) new blue passports are coming out? am due to renew my British passport , but prefer to ditch the euro type design
  5. Darien scheme a success then ? parliament approved the union ? no referendum then i suppose ; although id. Imagine the scots would still be bleating about the loss 300 yrs later tough being a myopic nat all the time
  6. Have you been to Darwin , nt , northern queensland , even Perth was mental for it am going back a few years right enough always thought it bizzare tho the difference btwn oz & nz indig
  7. Thing is you have to put that in context of mass hysteria at that time so soon after 7 july bombings ; ditto birmingham pub bombings , guildford 4 , public in sheer panic, authorities not too far behind
  8. Only playing devils advocate here ; but in the modern tamb inclusive utopia is that kind of frivolity ( some hard core liberals may even refer to casual racism ) paris a kilt in ? Is the correct answer am just saying like
  9. Thank you ( and CC ) for all that info tbh i had nt read too deep into that history ; had only been reading about failed attempt to settle in Panama ( which also doesnt get a lot of coverage) i was genuinely reacting to the poor comparisons of former independent ‘colonies’ ; but indeed got my arse handed to me in return
  10. Ireland and India not great examples to compare Scotland with the Scots willingly entered a union ( avoiding financial disaster )
  11. Descendants of convicts who indulged in buggery ; to be expected even that nauseating accent evolved from prisoner slang from sydney cove
  12. Nah was just really an attempt at humour thats all is it not the union jack if at sea though ?
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