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  1. Easy one first ; not a diddy pub side kazaktstan/sanmarino/cyprus/israeletc complete perfomance would be a game weve actually controlled from start to finish against a non diddy side , played well, creating and converting chances,not getting arses ripped open,conceding stupid goals,cheaply surrendering possesion i think back to ireland game at parkhead where it was a good result v a good team but was hard won very competitive game where they hit the bar so close game am honestly struggling to think of a game since the ukraine one i mentioned
  2. When was last “complete perfomance” versus a decent side ukraine 3-1 under mcleish 1st time ????
  3. Yes correct Scotland ; but was not a big stage / pressure game - i know wc qualifier but back then after navigating wales it was considered a shoe in almost a wc warm up v australia even then tho as i said we were rank away
  4. Australia then were utter shite have u watched the away game they almost beat us and they had nobodies in the team,dave mitchell of rangers was one of their star players- we made very heavy weather of it all; Lucky we got out of jail in cardiff where the only man in the stadium the ref spotted a handball
  5. The gamble that we will beat israel?or the gamble that final game will be v norway ; more money than sence
  6. Your correct i didnt explain myself that well when i said big stage meaning to me a play off win or go home type of affair as much as i enjoyed faddys goal in paris and baxter doing keepy uppy it stood for fvck all ultimately i was thinking more along lines of belgium 0-2 win to qualify for wc 2002/0-3 horsing v morroco wc98/0-6 play off v holland/0-1 brazil wc90:/russia82/switzerland96:/the mighty georgia away every time
  7. In my opinion it is based upon what ive seen and our usual lack of bottle and belief on the big stage going back 50 years
  8. Final at home to norway was only slim chance to qualify if we get past israel that is now is no chance
  9. I see its ten women now although some of the charges were a way of life in 1970s do you think hes innocent of those charges though was he set up the government a bit of entrapment at bute house kind of thing
  10. Seems to get a free pass on here though compared to air miles andy know is different cases but the innocent until proven guilty defence only seems to protect the nat cause
  11. Comrade alexi salmondiski the accused ; fingered by 9 different femmes ; shurely shome mishtake there? conspiracy or a massive get out of jail fir the inhabitants of ol alba ?
  12. Michael Caine and the troops didnt wear kilts they dont like it up em
  13. if you squint at that last graphic its quite likely you'll see nicola s inspecting a cabbage whilst smoking a pipe wearing a green ball gown after a heavy night on the lash
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