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  1. How about you are heading into bankruptcy and desperate for that sum ; have a pretty decent partnership for 300 odd years ; reaping all the benefits that come with it ; then you start disappearing up your own arse....
  2. If 45% voted for independence ; how much of a shift do you need for a change to + 1 in favour tho
  3. If vote 2 is in say 2021 then 6 years of huge change at either end of age spectrum largely in favour of independence; slam dunk i suspect
  4. I heard his other half was mouthing off under the influence and he may of allegedly put a hand on her domestic ; no mention of other people
  5. What about dianne abbott has she been photoshopped out yet ?
  6. Just settling into my armchair with UJ duvet ; lots of tins to keep me going before transition in to the brandy. no work tomorrow so looking forward to a good night tv viewing cheers fellas !
  7. Does that mean that Greenland should be a bigger player in the world stage vote Pinghu
  8. I see thought that was only for brain dead morons and huns ?assumed you were an intelligent sheep shagger
  9. Just read you live in hampshire thats in England correct? You could maybe put me up until i get things figured out in the event of nationlist apocalypse
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