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  1. Ur not even a reel cellic fan left as a bairn no amount of tats or bagpipes will ever compensate for that u got an american accent too i bet plastic jock
  2. Am not a hun for sure pal am just sick of ur sellick pish is one kind of peedo okay then ?
  3. latapy was always regarded as bit of a legend off and on the pitch
  4. raphael meade left dedee united still owing money to a carpet shop allegedelly
  5. whats your views on ra cellic boys club and torbett and the alleged cover up then by ra way
  6. The irony is if that was a chamberlain/edward/adolf statue then the protesting bame and gay population would likely be doing it from behind barbed wire i
  7. all of it is the african queen still available to rent on beta max or has it been rebranded yet, lucky i still have the dambusters original in super 8 Gammon lives matter
  8. zulu,zulu dawn=okay as 'baddies' got wipe out,rising damp,Ali G once the thought police move into gear there be pile of books burning outside schools and libraries boston yesterday statue of columbus beheaded if any whites/hispanics involved i hope they understand the irony of that and their presence next up will be cancelling thanksgiving and use of the word mayflower vikings watch out ! pyramids and colleseum on the built by slaves demo list next too
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