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  1. going backwards is this crap better than alec mcleish burly and levein
  2. the famous vojvovdina were cellicks opponents in quarter finals although am sure i read somewhere that billy mcneil thought they were toughest opponents
  3. Without being obtuse, you take my point ? Yours PRMan 1888 Esq
  4. I do apologize and will do better next time its just the pish ive seem on this board is pretty base and if ur part if the club is deemed hilarious re raymonds height/milked to death - aberdonians not knoeing what 2m is
  5. Id read it could be transmitted to cats but hows about sheep?
  6. Jello in your lingo bud but I believe you yourself got yourself banned your a grown man I understand you dont seem to see that everyones pushing your buttons as you make such an alluring target
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