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  1. Sorry should have clarified , voted for labour pre Blair had moved during Blairs GE so didnt actually vote then also voted lib and snp in past am now con voter tho in past few years as sick to the back teeth of having pc bullshit rammed down my throat
  2. Just cos i ve havent drunk at the snp brainwashing fountain ....
  3. Not a huge fan of Corbyn tbh ; although i was a labour voter in the past ; even back to days of Blair getting in i recall being very happy at the change in govmt at last “things can only get better” ; theres a quote from the 90s for you i dont pretend to understand the jewish thing/ anti semitism ; am assuming tho it’s because of the loads of money idea v communism approach? So dont feel suitably informed on that issue to comment
  4. Maudlin? Am joyous at the thought of him as our next PM they dont like it up em
  5. Even the team at last worldcup were decent enough guys ; compared to some of the tossers if the past
  6. No but default now is to condemn uk/us and support whoever
  7. Saw the film when it came out , and watched series 1 ( ends where son gets shot ?) read recently they are tearing those flats down watching “undercover” ; maybe better than Salamander
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