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  1. The Irony in this is that Doon The Slope is aboot 4’5” in real life the short ersed cunt. 😂
  2. Getting banned for it was a joke. Whether anybody agreed or not. Mr. Slope could’ve at least got banned by going on a Hun bashing session.
  3. That’s a pish come back. The kind o’ shite I spew when I’m steaming. 😂
  4. It gets on my tits tae when folk say match. I ken it’s the official term but tae me it’s kent as an auld fashioned Grandpaw Broon “gemme” 😊 P.s. Set phasers tae malky!
  5. I’m waiting for Middle Of The Slope tae chime in. 😂 The mods have gone fucking haywire recently banning for hee-haw.
  6. Her Granny was Dundonian. He thought it would make her feel comfy. 😂
  7. I said this tae her tae. But then I also deal with cunts here who seem to age a lot later in the heid than we do. I notice it going around customers hooses. They’ll hae 15-16 year auld teens that act as auld in the heid as oor 11-12 year aulds. It’s the same in the boozers. Everyone under 30 here is labelled as “some kid” and is maybe a huge part of the reason why they dinnae let them touch swally until they are 21.
  8. I felt the same about her. Hellish what happened but it was as if she adored talking about herself. She really was acting like a Hollywood cow.
  9. True Scottish footballing royalty. Did things that no other Scot will do again. To be captain of the side you idolised as a boy lifting the top prize in World football with your pals who were all just like you. From the same area, same accents, etc. RIP Billy. 😞
  10. The victim is now a Hollywood movie and tv star. Has been for a wee while. Explains why she wanted to flash it on tv for us all to see.
  11. I have cunts here who argue point blank with me that it’s name is the British Open just because that’s what they want to call it. The arrogance of these cunts is outstanding. I keep my ticket stubs for all sports events since I was a nipper. I have two different Open passes. When I took one in(Carnoustie Paul Lawrie ain) to the pub to show them the fuckers look at it then still proceed to tell you it’s the British Open.
  12. I just watched Abducted In Plain Sight on Netflix. Holy hell! The craziest thing I have seen in a long time! Fucking parents are absolute cunts! Yanks are some seriously fucked up folk. 😳
  13. You’ll never see Woods coupon on a Scottish fiver.
  14. Read his mate’s reply on that status? Apparently you lot(or the officials) are “tarrier bastards.” 😂
  15. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=480411049164498&id=100015868208788&anchor_composer=false&ref=content_filter Gazza’s biggest fan’s happy. 🙈
  16. Just heard it. Wow. Massive baws on him.
  17. I noticed that tae. Any cunt I knew who had once had a salt ‘n’ sauce supper seems to have kent him personally. 🙈
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