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  1. Close your hole. My other login isnae even banned FFS. Stop taking things so seriously that you get upset at the major crime of someone having another login. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Can’t disagree there. Although my wanking is on the wind doon the aulder I get.
  3. I cannae believe I’ve just agreed wae you. I’m off for a lie doon. 😂
  4. Kumnio and I were in the Phoenix a month ago. Some auld Wifie was hain a right guid go at me aboot my accent. I’ve still nae idea why. 😂
  5. I’ve been to New Orleans a few times. I love the place. It was weird seeing the General Lee statue done away with the last time I went. It’s a huge focal point in the city and sat high on a column in a roundabout.
  6. The ink wouldn’t be dry on the paper and he’d amazingly find his way into the Scotland squad. 😏
  7. He’s the same prick who scans the private profiles of people. He got bored of it.
  8. Spot on. It’s almost as if there’s a fortune to be made in Glasgow from that shite. Who’d have imagined that?
  9. 😂 I’m banned fae anymair “reactions” the day so here’s a laughing smilie. Me banned? Pish.
  10. He loved the insults too. It just made him thrive even more. His intellect knew no bounds. In the heat of the battle he really did rise to the top.
  11. Is there anyone on here you don’t think has issues? Do you just throw that at everyone who happens to think think you are a cunt? It seems to be the norm with you. Run along back to your wank station son and write us all a book. We’re all champing at the bit for a man of “literature” to pull this place from the doldrums. I’m sober Mr. Methadone Teeth. 👍
  12. There are some smart people on this site who never try to tell us in every second post. You are not one of them.
  13. Can you win it infront of those horrible bastards? I’d Kevin Keegan love that. Horrible Hun Cu...... Oooops, Bluenose mods don’t allow that.
  14. Yes. A fat finger clearly displays my inability to type in fluent English.
  15. I’m surrounded by cunts here that use ‘literally’ in every fucking sentence. Cheers. 😫 “I was like literally and he was like literally and she was like literally”..... Shut the feck up. 🤦‍♂️
  16. Sky Sports. The English and Old-Firm tv channel. That’ll suit the “Scottish fitba’s pish” brigade. Guys like Dan Cake’ll love it.
  17. You must batter yer wanger intae a mirror mair than Phart does. 😄
  18. Whilst I’m sure the Weeg has many redeeming qualities, being close to the World’s greatest city is a wee bitty far awa’. 🙈
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