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  1. 😃 you are arguing in one thread that any club below top 6 in England are they same level as everyone in the SPL But arguing in another thread that the team that finished 6 last year in the EPL are at the top of the sport !! Which is it ?
  2. I hate to break it to you but EPL teams are so wealthy that they dont care about the Europa League. here is the teams that Everton put out the last 2 games in EL group stages in 2017/2018. 3 - 0 Win Appollon Limassol - Robles, Baningme, Feeney, Besic, Charsley, Schniderlen, Klassen, Vlasic, Lookman, Mirallas, Hornby 5-1 Loss @ Atalanta - Robles, Kenny, Williams, Keane, Martina, Banigime, Klassen, Davies, Rooney, Mirallas, Rameriz The EL has such a detrimental impact of their main priority of EPL its not worth playing first teamers in. Everton fans are glad they didnt qualify this season so they can focus on the league without the distraction on those extra games they dont have a squad to go far with. (Burnely are excluded as they had never qualified for Europe before)
  3. I disagree that you disagree with the last part of his post. Compare Celtics squad to the Squads of 7. Wolves 8. Everton 9. Leicester over a league season they would routinely beat Celtics current squad. theres even argument that 10. West Ham 11. Watford 12. Palace have comparable squads tp the Scottish Champions... Note i'm not saying any of the above are "great" teams, but as they dont play competitive games against any Scottish opposition comparing the "standard" of players they have is the best yardstick. They all have squads full of full internationals for the major nations. How many of last years Celtic squad played internationals for any of the major nations (outside Scotland).
  4. noted, saved me a google... Judges but....he probably has a fetish for women with scars.
  5. its this bit that is holding my attention in this case still "the judge ruled that a 8mm scar on her lip did not detract from her “very attractive” appearance"
  6. yeah but to be slightly fair to the legal profession here, its not just 2 days trial. There is (sometimes) many days / weeks work in preparation for that 2 days in court Its just in this case it was a complete waste of everyones time. IMHO.
  7. Yeah i guess so, she obviously wanted someone to blame and get compensation and his second mistake was not getting one as soon as she started the claim.
  8. Yeah not sure where fair generally comes into anything to do with the application of the law, or many things in life come to think of it. But it has noting to do fault / blame here. As the judge decided they were both equally at fault. So it seems his main mistake was to stick to his principles on not making a (counter) claim against the pedestrian. Or generally not getting legal advice at the start. As much as he has been shafted having to pay her £5k and cover the £100k cost of the trial. You have to wonder how things like this end up at trial. for what turned out to be a no fault accident. Seems like a waste of everyone's time and money. If he had counter claimed, I assume the damages may have roughly cancelled out. But wonder who would have picked up the legal costs, the Taxpayer? She has a scar to show for her stupidity and he is forever skint, but I do kinda admire his stand against whats become a US style litigious legal system in the UK. Even if he would do it differently in hindsight.
  9. I took his comment to mean that certain nationalists on TAMB see EVERYTHING through the narrow prism of their nationalist cause and in this case their bitterness shows through. To assert that the outcome of 1 football game can be used to define the psyche of a nation is ludicrous. how many teams lost a 3 goal lead last season. I can think of Barca for one and its not like they come from a region thats struggling to assert its separatist identity .......oh wait.....carry on
  10. Lol perfect - thats decided that. might as well just lock the thread now !!
  11. Nope wasnt me - I didnt Vote for this mess, never would. Conjecture on my behalf but brexit was a factor on me being made redundant last year. Edit: to add ...me and 350+ other people being made redundant.
  12. Agreed i would dispute he's clever in any broad sense of the word. Hes not clever like you or me : ) He has the political and upper class smarts to maneuver and pass as intelligent in certain circles. Eton the houses of parliament etc. He can learn and remember things, usually when the benefit him. But from a distance it certainly doesn't appear to have any self awareness, emotional intelligence or even common sense.
  13. To be clear my reply was in response to the specifics of the blog, which i still contend is bunkum and a massive logical leap. The main argument of which bears no relation to the companies house documents its attempting to draw conclusions from and actually deliberately mis-leads. I would however argue that "They" dont hate us. Johnson will say anything for political gain. I dont even need to explain Farages position. While those two and there ilk are indeed detestable and will do more for the independence movement than any of the useless Scottish MPs will. to say THEY hate us, is again a massive leap and disingenuous. Despite their relative success in there political career, you can argue that most of England hates Johnson and Farage as well. So its unfair to say They hate us as if all England think like that.
  14. I did type a lengthy reply to this article, but it was a waste...as the below covers my thoughts. That blog makes some MASSIVE logical leaps just from the Brexit Party using the phrase "maintain the integrity of the UK" in their Memo of Association. There is no mention of Scotland, Scottish Independence or devolution and there is certainly no Trojan horse in the fact they weren't mentioned. That would be to flatter Scottish politics or the independence movement. The members of the Brexit party could not give any F*cks for Scotland, even covertly.. They are only concerned with the UK (read Englands) position in the world. In fact the blog is mis-leading in that the parts it does quote directly is preceded by a Header including "fighting Scottish Independence" to make it look like thats in the Memo and its not. But I guess its a partisan blog and it has its agenda for reporting it like that. So what should i expect.
  15. Two invited teams - why am I just finding this out... AND more to the point why aren't the SFA on the charm offensive to get us an invite next time. it would be great. I'm away to change.org to get a petition going....
  16. reply not really in response to the video as I havent watched it. But even if we are talking absolutes, there arent just 2 genders. roughly 1 in every 2000 born in the UK are Intersex - ie share some sort of variation of typical gender physical traits. Even scientifically there are rarely absolutes, there are always exceptions So thats not someone identifying as something, thats physically / chemically being a mix of both to some degree.
  17. (Admit-ably I havent watched that yet as I'm in work) BUT would imagine that as political candidates and there representatives are allowed at the counts. Therefore unavoidably, by observing, can ascertain some indicative observation of the way things are going.Especially in a binary vote of Yes / No. There would be much more suspicion and worry if there werent these "partisan" observers from all sides present. ....so yeah cant imagine whats eye-opening at that.
  18. Prices are extortionate....especially as Hampden is such a poor venue from behind the goals. And these were the only ticket prices in my budget. But I guess UEFA have experience selling at these prices and know the will sell out. Even when no-one knows who the actual games are at this stage. Market forces etc........we could argue that they price accordingly for the everyday football fan. But they could end up with a UEFA final scenario. With fans of 2 teams unable or unwilling to travel to one of the venues and end up with an empty stadium. Could be worse. the final could be Hampden for £295. At least Wembley is more suited to football and is a better overall experience. I heard of someone that applied for tickets for every game at all venues. He's going to be bankrupt if successful on them all.
  19. Indeed...How great would it be for them to get out the group stage !! Amazing. ......can you imagine the rage from Thplinth. The media coverage and general interest from the country would increase 10 fold, and rightly so. Mon The Scotland.
  20. Someone WAS standing up in front of me again on Saturday night : ) He and his mate spent more time trying to get everyone else around them to stand, join in his singing than watch the game. It was mostly families and young football teams around us so no-one was interested. In fact its not an exaggeration to say he spent more time looking back up the stand to see if anyone was going to join him and see what the atmosphere was like than actually facing the pitch. Having said that its the first time I was able to buy tickets on the edge of the North Stand for me and my 11 yo boy. So I was well aware it would have been my own fault. A bigger game and everyone would have been standing and he would have seen nothing. I am all for standing sections and think its a great initiative to have a specific standing kids section as well. For me, The moaning about standing at Scotland games is symptomatic of the un-suitableness of Hampden for football matches. Even for a family section the East Stand is horrendous. For views of the pitch and atmosphere.
  21. I don't think its that bad a move for Turnbull. * A few years at Celtic should move his development on further. In the same way that Tierney should move to continue that improvement. *As long as he still gets around 30 full games next season in all competitions. at 19, with his potential. he needs to be playing first team competitive football.
  22. That's just as concerning and unbelievable as everything else in this case. And probably just as criminal. I have no doubt this sort of thing happens in may organisations and its covered up in house.
  23. You can, that's you helping your community. You can be proud of yourself in that instance. No harm in personal pride. I like to think that too, but is it really any different to any other location on the planet? people are people wherever you go. from America to Europe, to the Middle East to North Korea.... is the welcome you would get on an individual level any different. Granted on a political level the welcome is different, but that's a problem with politicians and people in power (Again they are the same the world over - just different degrees of abusing that power) Are we really that special just cos we've managed to survive on porridge and whiskey for a few thousands years on a wind and rain lashed rock in the North Atlantic? Maybe I'm not special (awww) So I am unable to see what makes "Us" any different from anyone else. Again just me, or maybe old age. But going to home games at hampden makes me wonder how much in commom we actually have as fan group.
  24. Given you have no choice in the matter or any control over it......being proud of where you were born, country, region whatever... (*Ducks for cover)
  25. I totally agree its ridiculous and the amount has no real basis in reality, other than its a case of take the last summers big transfer fee for a defender and add 10%. But I will say its not a like for like comparison with Tierney. Wan-Bissaka will qualify as a Home grown player for an English team, given how rare they are these days. I would say that adds a premium of about 20% of that value. In that Man City, Man U, Spurs etc are forced to pay slightly more for "quality" English players than players from the ROW. rightly or wrongly no EPL team is going to pay £50m+ for any player in the SPL. They shop here for potential and value. over that amount is spent on proven quality in England, Spain or France.
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