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  1. Bus transfer from Bologna Airport to Rimini station is good, direct service, but buses not huge, only 32 seaters so advisable to book. Takes 1 and a half hours. Only stops once on way, 1st stop in Rimini is at the hospital, then the station. We'd booked the 4pm bus on Wednesday but just made the 2pm, and as he had room, he let us on. Cost 70 euros return, back on Tuesday. https://www.shuttleriminibologna.it/en/
  2. Just paid PayPal £25, sorry for last minute request, hope you've got money OK, please can you confirm? Thanks Davy.
  3. Hi Davy Is it still possible to get 2 seats on the bus f r om Rimini to /from San Merino? Sorry, did nt read forum properly, thought tomorrow was last day! Can pay £25tonight.please confirm if OK to go ahead and pay if we'll be OK for 2 seats?Many tbanks
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