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  1. The charges are extremely serious. I won't be crying conspiracy or defending his character for the very same reasons I won't be labeling him guilty.
  2. Sadly reminded me of his latter days in a Scotland shirt.
  3. Of course it's not corrupt. Only a deranged fool would claim that. I was surprised it was downgraded tbh but the SFA have clearly explained their reasoning.
  4. He awarded Celtic a free-kick for the Brown incident. I suspect he'd have taken further action, had it been later in the game. Not the first ref to do that. I suspect he thought the Ralston incident was accidental. Morelos could've avoided him but it was a natural stride to land where he did. I suspect he thought the Christie incident was handbags. Christie does have a niggle first. It wasn't a fondle of his baws either, as the pictures suggest. Watch it in real time and compare to the MacLean incident. The consensus at the time was the ref had a pretty good game, letting it flow as often as possible, and not handing out unnecessary cards. On another day, Morelos would certainly have been booked, perhaps eventually sent off but I'm not sure there's enough in there to warrant any action against the referee. Was Bobby Madden not officiating in the Championship after the McKenna/Eduoard incident?
  5. Are you being deliberately simple? You do know the rules?
  6. It can still be clumsy and horrific tbf, although I suspect that's going over old ground. My only gripe is with a 2 game ban, he actually unduly suffers simply because the ref hadn't seen it. My point is for the many folk comparing the 2 incidents, the very obvious difference is one ref reported to having seen the incident(s), the other hadn't.
  7. He was completely out of control. It was a terrible challenge. My feeling is Madden knew that and purposely left it out of his match report to save his blushes. You surely can't compare that McKenna tackle, a potential leg-breaker, to some Morelos petulance. Edouard went off injured, Brown got on with the game, as did Christie and Ralston after some play-acting. The ref saw all 3 incidents and decided there was very little in them. I suspect the Brown one would've been a booking, had it happened later in the game. There's a difference between the referee seeing the incident, and you being utterly astonished if he hadn't. From what I see, Shay Logan blocks his view.
  8. He was quite visibly refereeing in a very lenient nature, letting a lot go. Fair or not, it actually made for a better game. The only one I would say warranted a booking (at least) was the Brown incident, but it was extremely early in the game, and the claim would be it was accidental (the ball was in the vicinity).
  9. Did he say that he witnessed the challenge? If not, your argument holds absolutely no ground whatsoever. The horrific nature of the challenge, and the fact he didn't even give a free-kick, suggests to me that he never seen it.
  10. Was it the same? The referee never gave a free-kick against McKenna, and given the horrific nature of the challenge, suggests he never seen it properly.
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