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  1. hi,davy its 10 to 12 boab.just to say l havepaid £70.00 into your paypal account for 7 seats from larnaca, bob burnett cheers
  2. hi davy can l book 7seats from larnaca.cheers 10to 12 boab
  3. from boab burnett,names for albania bus,robert burnett,eric lawrie,john livingston,william maxton.james martin,john skwarczylo cheers
  4. bob

    davy l have put £70 in pay pal for 7 seats for israel.bob and boabburnett are thesame person.sorry to be confusing first time doing this.is it possible to get 6 seats for albania.reply and will put the money in ur account.cheers

    1. DavyP


      Yes pal no problem...I will update the lists at the weekend

  5. bob

    davy could l have 7 seats for israeil and also 6seats for albania.if u confirm l have ur pay pal details.boab burnett

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