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  1. Hi Davy, Good effort again. Can I book 1 seat on a bus please? Cheers
  2. For navigating about you can download cities on google maps in advance to use offline. I did it for Tel Aviv and it was extremely useful. You can download cities onto your phone google maps in advance of the trip so can navigate about offline. I did it for Tel Aviv and it was very useful.
  3. Ian_86

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, Ian_86 on bus 1 here. Think I paid last week (24th) for my seat via bank transfer but still showing unpaid on Tuesday's list. Can you check when you get a chance? Reference will be something like "Ian 86 Israel Bus" as used the same details I got for the Tel Aviv bus. Cracking job again! Cheers Ian
  4. Ian_86

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, Is there any chance I could book a seat on 1 of your magic busses in Tirana please? Cheers Ian
  5. Sometimes the 4 at the back worked though. I just think it would be nice to be able to revert to that during the game if needed. We didn't on Thursday and Israel had a field day down the wings.
  6. The danger was all from their wings. Israel defensive players were pinging it beyond Robo and O Donnell at will and then they were in. It seemed obvious to me we needed to have proper full backs. Mcleish doesn't seem to have a plan B at the minute which we really need.
  7. McDonald was solid. There's a few people on here that see what he contributes and I personally thought he stood out. That's my opinion. Seems like a bit of a witch hunt vs him on this forum. Anyway the problem with the Israel performance stems deeper than any individual player.
  8. Alan McGregor was good. Kevin McDonald was good. Callum McGregor was good but should of scored, or at least hit the target at the end. Golden chance to snatch an undeserved draw. Everyone else was struggling but I feel for them... Firstly, why are the players flying out the day before the game, on a more or less long haul flight, to a middle east style climate. Was it cheaper to fly then or something? I just dont get it. An extra day over here and train over here. Secondly, it was so obvious the 3 at the back wasn't working. It was non stop passes beyond the wing back from Israel. Why is there no plan B? Mcleish is to blame for this. Dont want to slag any player for this shambles.
  9. I disagree with most opinions regarding McDonald here and actually thought he had a good game vs Albania! Not sure what people are wanting out of him but he's not the sort of player to get his head down and start sprinting forward every time he gets the ball. To me he is a source of calmness in the middle, keeps things ticking over, finds the right pass forward when needed and offers good cover to the back line. Albania were noticably more threatening when he went off and on 1 particular occasion I recall they more or less walked through the middle and were ultimately denied by a great point blank save from McGregor. Another stricker might of finished that then it's 1-1 and maybe a different outcome. There will be games when a more patient/less gung-ho style is required (Israel away included) where i think he will be valuable to us. I like McGinn and it is exciting when he wins the ball hard off the opposition but his complacency does give me the fear. A few ifs here but 1 error could mean 1 goal and its a tough game against any international team. As we all know international football is normally very tight. 1 error and you can forgive but the amount he is conceding is concerning. That said I would still like to see him play against Israel as 1 of the higher up options with McDonald in the anchor to back him up. With McGinn further forward to work his magic he can win (and lose!) the ball higher up where we can be more threatening and Israel less threatening if he does lose it. Throw McGregor in there for his forward runs and link up and to me thats the best balance to start this match. McTominay showed some good skill when he first came on vs Albania. But also sprayed a strange pass into no mans land. I think he was trying too hard to impress and hope he will come good but not ready for Israel imo.
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