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  1. I don't post much but this subject relates to me a lot and it is amazing how attitudes to this are changing especially towards men, I to have had bouts for the last decade since I was 24. I have tried many tablets and tbh none have really worked for me but everyone is different. CBT has helped and I am just finishing with my latest course. I find the best thing is to keep active/exercise and good support from family and friends although it is difficult to do when you just want to be alone but people will help and stand by you.
  2. Also found out my grandad who turned 80 yesterday has voted YES by postal vote
  3. Hopefully finish work in Dumfries at 8pm help the campaign until 10pm up to my brothers in kirkintilloch and all night watching the result. Into Glasgow Friday for either a party in George sq or a protest at pacific quay.
  4. I am a bag of nerves been out for the last two weeks doing leaflet drops and done first ever canvassing tonight.(not easy suffering depression) every time I pass or hear a yes I think this is it we can then a no back to square one. surviving on about 4hrs sleep and been in tears umpteen times this week the only thing that keeps me going is if its no I can say to my 3 year old son Fraser when he is older son i tried my best for your future while your grandparents want this for you. If its yes i can say we done it you have a voice get out there and tell the world what you want in life.
  5. I have been out every night this week bar tues doing leaflet drops and been to over 500 houses in Dumfries only had 1 come out and hand me back the booklet I posted to which I politely replied thanks for your time anyway. Although my colleague was quite rudely spoken to by someone she offered a wee blue book to this evening on the whole finding a positive reaction. I have to say the 16-18 year olds are an inspiration talked to a few tonight and the knowledge and understanding the possess is something I wish I had when I was that age.Most not even taking anything from us as they were YES wi
  6. Friday/Monday off also for me will be up all night Thursday for sure
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