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  1. This season is finished, delete this thread.
  2. What’s the point mentioning Brown, he’s retired and what’s the point mentioning Forrest he’s - fill in your own punchline.
  3. I doubt it, some shocking stuff Bonny 78 has inflicted on us. I don’t want England to do well at any football tournament but I think we’ll just have to accept this is their year, runners up is the worst they’ll do this time round. Their players and manager do seem a decent lot but as usual their media , pundits and commentators are awful, the lot of them Shearer, Ferdinand, Wright etc and how fucking annoying is Gabby Logan, isn’t she Welsh?
  4. bonny 78 you have posted some complete nonsense over the years and this is right up their with the worst of it, no wonder this forum is dying on its feet if you are the standard.
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