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  1. Zenloff


    That was a truly amazing experience. That escort was unreal.
  2. Brilliant news. Got into the hotel and tix were waiting on us. In the 100 section. See you Saturday!
  3. Well, i'm getting pretty concerned that we're going to end up with no tickets and me being out a bit of cash. I should have known better and should have waited on Ticketmaster. Lesson learned.
  4. I ended up buying tickets through Viagogo because I needed 4 and as you know you can't buy extra tickets for non-members. The other 3 in my group didn't want to pay the £50 to sign up. Anyway, we haven't got the tickets yet, and they say it's because they haven't been released to the original buyer yet. Anyone have experience with them or any other service besides SFA? I'm afraid we're going to end up in Mexico without tickets.
  5. Zenloff


    We were told Uber is quite good in Mexico City... you may need to walk a little bit to get out of the congestion, and since you're in a group, I reckon you'd be relatively safe. Other than that, I dunno. Hopefully, someone has a good/better idea for you.
  6. Zenloff

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    You don't have to look too far away to see this in action. Have a peak at TNS in Wales, and what their involvement has done for Welsh Football. It's given Harris a bit more money, which he used to buy their local rivals (Oswestry Town) and move into their home. Barry Town is another grand example of how being a small club in Europe did nothing for them or the league. Their story is as tragic as any.
  7. Zenloff

    Anyone going just to the Mexico game?

    Me + 3 coming in from the states.