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  1. Also worth mentioning, McGoldrick ( McBurnies ST partner) is a very similar type of ST to that of Griffiths just not as clinical. Not the biggest but is very skillful when needed. Think it’s a formation change and partnership that is very much needed to be tried
  2. Robertson absolutely honking tonight, must have been his worst in a Liverpool jersey. Tierney snd McBurnie class again but. folk can say wit ye want about him, McBurnie and Griffiths in a 2 ST formation is sounding all the more logical. mcbrunie needs a ST to bounce off and he Flourishes, Griff and him could make a cracking partnership.
  3. Getting strongly linked with david marshall if the fraser forster deal is dead in the water i would happily take marshall for celtic as our number 1. 7 clean sheets in his last 7 games. And all round been a breath of fresh air for wigan and a reliable figure for scotland. Much rather someone like marshall than the likes of joe hart who we have also been linked with and has been in huge decline for years. Aswell as many of our internationals in the celtic team it would be good to see someone like marshall link up with them and have a positive impact on understand more how certain players of ours players play like mcgregor,forrest,christie,griffiths etc. giving the form marshall is in, I hope we make the sensible and smart decision and not the expensive gamble of such a vital season.
  4. Also worth mentioning aswell as I watched the full game, Despite a lot of the stick he gets, McBurnie was fantastic against arsenal, won every single header and was a consistent danger throughout. hes been Sheffield Utd’s standout since the resume. could be worth considering to have a 2 Striker narrow formation of Griffiths and McBurnie by Clarke. Both could bounce of each other really well with the type of ST’s they are. McBurnie being a utility man helping feed balls to Griffiths. All in all his performances have been brilliant and despite how poor Sheffield have been, he’s been one of the few who have been very solid.
  5. Seen a good few folk jump on Gilmour on social media after his extremely poor performance against Leicester yesterday. Especially the Chelsea fanbase... aye, he lost the ball on a good few occasions which at this level you get punished for. It was a shocking performance? Harsh but it wasn’t great But it’s impossible to think everyone is going to have a MOTM performance every game, and yesterday’s match just wasn’t Billy’s game nor was it for many like mount. It was also his first game back since the resume and honestly I didn’t think he even looked fully match fit. He’s 19 years old and has all the ability in the world to become a top player. But players need time and shouldn’t be expected first game back to come in and play in a unfamiliar role as a 8 instead of his usual 6 and dominate. he’s a special talent, some fans need to give the kid a break. As for Tierney, for the most part absolutely brilliant performance yesterday. His crossing ability is absolutely exceptional and if arsenal could finish there chances he’s have bagged a few assists, but it’s class to see him performing again after that injury set back.
  6. Buzzing for today’s games. Should be good to see how Gilmour is today, hopefully and I imagine he’s kept his place in the Chelsea team. No reason for Lampard to drop him. Hopefully we a continuation of his quality performances resumed after lockdown.
  7. The break is the bit of luck we needed with the amount of good players we may not have had playing then there’s players like Gilmour who will have a bigger run in the Chelsea team come the play off game. the thought of seeing someone like O’Donnell against Håland and co as much as the guy tries for his country, is just absolutely brutal to think about. Ideally Tierney or Robertson will play at right back but it’ll be interesting to see how clarke works it.
  8. I imagine most of you should have got this email this morning if you’ve signed up to email notifications for the Scotland National Team, but just Incase anyone misses in there inbox for whatever reason, here’s the following class message from Steve. “I think most of you, like me, will have woken-up this morning, looked at the date and wished the circumstances could have been very different. Thursday, March 26th had been circled in my wall planner from the moment I had the honour of becoming Scotland Head Coach. Truth be told, I had hoped we wouldn’t have needed the Nations League Play-Off route: I believed we could have finished higher than our eventual third place in the UEFA EURO 2020 qualification group. All those qualifying games seem far less important now, insignificant even, but this is the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. The world has changed in recent weeks and months and football, rightly, has had to take a step back as our government and our wonderful, brave and selfless NHS staff step-up their efforts to tackle a far greater opponent. This is a difficult letter to write because, as a father and grandfather there are far greater considerations in life right now and far greater responsibilities on all of us but, at the same time, I feel it important to recognise and show appreciation for the effort you all had gone to in ensuring our match against Israel would have been a sell-out. It would have been an incredibly proud night for me and the whole team and we would have given every ounce to be on that plane to Norway or Serbia. I know thousands of you had also booked onward travel, ever the optimists. By all accounts Budapest or Berlin would have been the unwitting hosts of Scotland fans awaiting connections to either Oslo or Belgrade. That sense of togetherness, loyalty and commitment is needed in our lives now, more than ever before. The First Minister and the Chief Medical Officer have been clear in outlining exactly what the nation must do to combat the virus that has become a global pandemic. I urge all of you to heed that advice: stay indoors, protect your family, and protect others. Stay home, save lives. Simple. Football is our national sport and its absence has had the same effect on me that it has had for every lover of the game in this country. The sooner we all take the advice on board to stay at home, the sooner we can get back to our own normality of midweek nights and weekend afternoons among friends, at our spiritual homes across the country. That is for later, as is our match against Israel, whenever the authorities consider it appropriate – and above all, safe – to resume football across the world. In the meantime, I will be thinking of you tonight and imagining what might have been and what could yet be. Stay healthy, stay safe, most importantly stay home.” - Steve Clarke.
  9. They done it with Erin Cuthbert last year when the women’s World Cup was coming around aswell... same old
  10. BBC interview done a day ago Incase anyone hasn’t seen, some painful viewing thanks to the thy they got to interview billy...
  11. ElChris04

    Lyndon Dykes

    are you on the wind up? 😂 so you’ve watched all 102 apps for Celtic including his performances that got him in countless team of the group stages in the champions & europa league, Aswell as motm performances, and decided he can’t defend and apparently “kept absolutely nobody at bay”.... There’s a reason he’s currently Scotland’s most expensive transfer of all time and probably for a very long time for a fullback.. there’s also a reason he broke countless records at club level. and Strachan having faith in him at 19 years old to play him out of position and put in a fine shift at right back. Robertson is the better modern attacking fullback and going forward, but Tierney is far better than Robertson defensively. It isn’t under the borderline of others supporting his boyhood club, I could easily flip the same argument on yourself with the consistent amount of excuses for McBurnie been absolutely woeful and trying to overplay current celtic Scotland internationals being shite. Griffiths against Belgium for example and now Tierney apparently can’t defend despite it being his best attribute...but it proves zero help to any debate bar a dig to the person in the conversation. if your going to call out folk talking shite, make sure you’re not also chatting it.
  12. Said yesterday if billy gilmour isn’t called up to the main team I’ve officially lost all faith in Steve Clarke... I’ll echo that now and say the same again.. absolutely fuckin embarrassing decision. Israel and other countries must be laughing at our set up.. a national team still living in the past. 😴
  13. Almost as if that’s exactly why he should call him up...
  14. Had a look on here and it was nice to see everyone mutually agreeing with each other that Gilmour should be called up.. but of course the only user who has a problem with it is dohadeer.. in a sense I don’t know why I’m shocked. 2nd rate troll.
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