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  1. I’d drop mcgregor, put Mcginn in his position and put Christie in CAM role. That what we have our 2 best attacking players and workhorses in the team. As a Celtic supporter I can assure you like you said McGregor definitely hasn’t been the same player this season and needs a good rest to get back to his best. He’s not someone we should rely on right now. Christie for me is a mainstay in from right now. Our best attacking player currently on form.
  2. Same formation as mine bar Devlin,McGregor,Naismith starting. tbf Naismith makes more sense over Shankland, but Christie is a mainstay in the team and should not be benched.
  3. Here’s hoping then, four at the back just isn’t suited to our current group at all without KT,Robbo, Griff. and wasting our best CDM at right back when he would slot in a 3-5-2 perfectly as our defensive midfielder with Christie and McGinn linking up the play in front of him with 2 strikers up front and 2 capable Wing backs makes perfect sense to me.
  4. Apologies mate, never seen, haven’t been on the last few days.
  5. My team would consist of this giving club form and development in the U21’s 3-5-2 Forrest played RWB for Celtic agaisnt Lazio and was outstanding, Taylor is very solid going forward and defensively so would 100% be worth trying At LWB. I don’t believe having 2 CB’s would fit us. Having 3 leverages us to have more containment from corners and reliable from set pieces and corners of our own. Porteous is very much ready for his first cap as is Gallagher There was decisions that Jack could be a good RB, but I feel him as our primary CDM while McTominay is away is a must. I just don’t feel we should be playing 4 at the back untill we have Robertson and Tierney fit. aswell as McBurnie having more support with Shankland next to him ( debatable him or Naismith) but either way it’s no longer “hoof the ball to the lone ST” shite, Imo this formation plays to the best of the current group and its something I would love to see against Cyprus.
  6. With the game 3 days away and majority of the players that have pulled out getting replaced with guys such as Porteous, Morgan, Shinnie, what would your team be to play Cyprus at the weekend?
  7. Feel terrible Clarke, what a horrible predicament to be in, with Ryan Fraser also pulling out despite playing a full 90 minutes. Absolutely horrendous mentality to have. We really aren’t qualifying for anything with these types of players who couldn’t give a toss.
  8. I’ve been guilty of calling them dead rubber. But looking at the bigger picture are they really? These games are actually vital for Clarke to hopefully find the best system before the big playoffs next year. Failing to do that is really worrying. Aswell as hopefully reaping revenge on Kazakhstan.
  9. ElChris04

    New jerseys?

    Guessing the strip echos the National Team, shite. funniest thing about it though is adidas the lazy cunts have had the brass neck to use the same blue shorts and socks from the current away strip that doesn’t even match the shirt. They couldn’t have made a worser strip if they tried. 😂
  10. True, probably doesn’t want to take any more risks, I felt this was worth making a thread over Incase it went under the radar but aye fair enough mate
  11. This a dig at me for making that Tierney meme? 🤣 also I’ve been losing count how many folk have been going against Tierney and questioning his commitment, So....
  12. This is a very interesting interview I came across Tierney done with the s*n before last months games against Russia and San Marino. It’s definitely one I’d presume may have went under the radar so thought I’d share it in light of him not getting called up and most of all us all really questioning his commitment to Scotland. The link to the interview is here - https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4799694/kieran-tierney-scotland-euro/amp/ but to save yourselves giving the s*n views. here’s the full interview Copied from the article interview. KIERAN TIERNEY insisted he HAD to withdraw from the Scotland squad this month so he’s in peak condition for the play-offs in March. The Arsenal defender was kept out of Steve Clarke’s pool for the double header against Russia and San Marino at the Gunners’ request. Tierney, who played his first 90 minutes since April in the 4-0 Europa League win over Standard Liege, has backed boss Unai Emery’s decision. He said: “What I’m doing isn’t against Scotland, it’s for the future of my Scotland career. I need to help my body and make sure that I am in the best place possible for the next camp — that’s what it’s all about. “I understand it, Arsenal understand it and Scotland understand it. “I have been in pain playing since November or December, tried to get a proper recovery for a few months and then played through it. “I then had an operation and have eventually recovered. “It has been a long time since I played 90 minutes pain-free, so to play on Thursday night and then again on Sunday, then another two games with the national team is a lot. “When you are coming back from injury you have to phase yourself back and take it step by step. The reason that I got the injury was playing too many games in the first place. “So if I just jump straight back into playing three or four games in ten days it’s a lot for me. “It’s the kind of injury that needs managed, so it’s the right decision.” My stance on it is this, could this indicate Tierney never planned to play for Scotland this month and has been pacing himself for the playoffs?, again but make the interview what you will.
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