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  1. Liam Kelly penalty save and some class saves that seal the game 1-0 and gets Kelly MOTM. best performance he’s put in for qpr... hopefully the form continues to the playoffs
  2. Been watching the Leeds vs QPR game Leeds got done by a blatant hand ball goal ( controlled by the players arm ) bar that - Liam Cooper has been solid so far and hasn’t put a foot wrong. - Todd Kane defensively looks so much better than Palmer and SOD. Worth a call up? - Liam Kelly, having the game of his qpr career so far. Made some class saves and his distribution has been very decent
  3. Scott Robertson scored the only goal in a 1-0 win against Chelsea’s U23’s, defensive midfielder with a cracking long shot on him. Lennon was heaps of praise for him aswell after the game. He’s outshining the likes of karamoko dembele, still only 18, can only be a good thing for us and Scotland.
  4. Ideally we loan out Griffiths, he gets game time and goals and is fit for the playoffs. Giving we are on the verge of signing a young polish striker so he’s going further down the pecking order. A loan is a must McGinn,McTominay,Tierney are fit ( Long short with tierney) but still. Then none of us don’t need to worry about the McBurnie predicament. would feel a lot more confident if Allan McGregor came out retirement aswell. Know Clarke will probably be loyal to Marshall but the gulf in class is staggering.
  5. Never knew this!but fuck me ahaha, that’s absolutely riddy to the core, Have to laugh at the absolute shite arse licking act.
  6. Watched the full game, fleck was class. Got the best out of McBurnie with link up play.. just so happens he’s also Scottish and could get the key we are missing to unlocking McBurnie. If we’re playing McBurnie in the playoffs I hope Steve Clarke starts fleck in the first team with him, it’s an absolute MUST If we are to hopefully see the Sheffield Utd version of McBurnie in a Scotland shirt. Mental if we start one and not both when both know each other like the back of there hand.
  7. Looking at it this way fleck is in huge form. He knows McBurnie as a player and could help in unlocking find his form in a Scotland jersey. On form fleck should definitely be considered to be in the starting 11. Just a merit at how stacked our midfield is. As injuries stand right now aswell as form here’s the team I would look to Start come March. MacGillivray Palmer-Hanley-Cooper-Robertson Armstrong-Jack-Fleck Forrest-McBurnie-Fraser i expect to get pelters for having Hanley in, but if you take a closer looks he’s been in very decent enough form since his return to the Norwich from injury. he’s also the captain and him and cooper in defence (both captains in the dressing room of there clubs with proven leadership qualities) is the backbone we’re missing in defence. Armstrong has been unbelievable for Southampton and fans are calling him the revelation in midfield they have been missing. Fleck has been absolutely phenomenal for Sheffield Utd. As a Celtic fan I’ve watched McGregor every week and he hasn’t looked his usual self in ages. He needs a rest and form wise fleck and armstrong have been better. I genuinely don’t see the fuss with McKenna, he’s regressed the last 2 seasons at club level and been pretty poor for Scotland. I rate guys such as Soutter and Findlay but as it stands they both are injured. Gallagher is a very decent option too. And Porteous is one for the future but for me right now he’s reckless and a liability. Hanley is getting back from injury and looked good, Norwich where unlucky not to win today. But anyway for me its the best pairing with our best CB Cooper for the playoffs. As it stands right now.
  8. Just our luck McTominay is injured, now that’s Tierney McGinn McTominay injuried Add to that Souttar is still out, and Leigh Griffiths is still an uncertainty Only thing we are good at these days is being the best in the world for being unlucky.
  9. Not the first time Liam Henderson’s who has got the better of him, hopefully his wee brother who looks a real prospect has a much better attitude. but play for Italy? That might be the pick of the bunch. He plays for the a club who sit 13th in the league and has started just 2 games this season...
  10. Forrest can be a game changer when used correctly, don’t think using him on the left is going to be getting the best out him maybe something like this Fraser-Christie-Forrest McGregor-McTominay-McGinn Robertson-Cooper-Souttar-Tierney ( if fit ) Marshall Christie in the CF role would be deadly imo. He’s so much better in the middle and linking up the play not to mention he’s got natural finish. Something Lennon has highlighted regularly and he shows when he’s played there. As a Celtic and Scotland fan I’d have full confidence he’d do the job as a CF role IF Griffiths or Naismith aren’t fit.
  11. 2-1 for Celtic today. Forrest completely ineffective on the left. Ryan Christie so much better since he’s been put in the middle after being ineffective on the right. And Callum McGregor not really offering much, overall though Forrest just is so much better in his actual position on the right. Same with Christie in the CAM role. Maybe something Clarke will be worth considering to accommodate Fraser,Forrest,Christie in the same team for the playoffs
  12. Hopefully Mcginn isn’t too serious as for Porteous, not writing him off at all. He’s been class most times and I still rate him very highly as a prospect but pointed the extremely poor performance out as it’s performances like last night that could cost Scotland if he where to do the same. Hopefully like @ProudScot said, he can curb the aggression into something positive as we do lack the physical CB’s who have that in them.
  13. Ryan Porteous put in an embarrassing shift for Hibernian tonight. Terrible tackle That very well looked intent that got him sent off. Aswell as off the ball antics. Would go as far to say it was the worst performance I’ve seen from a defender this season that I’ve been able to see. expected so much better.
  14. Voted SNP In my local glasgow constituency. Not even Ruth Davidson’s potential attempt at skinny dipping if SNP get 50 seats could put me off. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Tierney our for 3 months, could very well miss the playoffs... you really couldn’t make it up, if injuries continue I can see him Being finished with football before he’s 25.
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