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  1. From the presenters to the punditry team, the whole sky team need a clear out. Hayley McQueen is atrocious in the studio to listen to, and on top of that, the punditry from Crocker and Proven has to be the most depressing “pundits” out there. So negative on our team it’s embarrassing. What sky should be Doing is attempting to bring in Darrell Currie,John Heartson, Chris Sutton ( still a laugh ) ,Steve Thompson, Micheal Stewart, from BT and BBC. Darrell is a tremendous presenter and has a good vibe before matches. And the punditry and discussion from the likes of Heartson,Sutton,Thompson,Stewart would be a good laugh and some actual honest positive punditry and most importantly a freshen up from actual experts who know our team and league.
  2. Probably the worst line up I’ve ever seen for a Scotland Team. Our best attacking players benched, and Robertson injured. We’re in for a long night. My only positive is Steve Clarke is in charge, but cmon it’s belgium...
  3. Think they must like playing the “no one likes us we don’t care” Shite, or use it as an excuse to support England. Embarrassing really
  4. 4-5-1 For Me -Bain- -SOD-Findlay-Mulgrew-Robbo- -Forrest-McTominay-McGregor-McGinn-Fraser- -Burke- we need as many defensive minded men in the centre to try and hold a strong line so Belgium don’t get anywhere near our back four enough to get goal scoring chances and get there own way in the passing of the midfield. McGregor is both attacking and defensive so it works aswell as McGinn, and McTominay is a natural holding midfielder so he goes in. Burke for the counter attack. Aswell as Forrest and Fraser to hold the line and get in the counter. Hoping for a miracle.
  5. Thought this was worth posting. 1. Steve Clarke mentioned there was players he spoke to that had wedding plans which couldn’t be changed so this basically all but confirms one of which was Snodgrass who I guess is still involved with Scotland set up and hasn’t retired from international duty? And 2.. Robertson has just won the champions league and has still remembered to congratulate Snodgrass on his wedding. Top man haha.
  6. Ahh right cheers then, hopefully is can see him being a huge part on our road to qualification, same with Snodgrass. Another I don’t see mentioned is Matt Phillips, definitely not the worst. Wonder if he’s in Richie’s boat and is done playing for us..
  7. Was there any update on Liam Cooper? He did mention he had positive talks, I’m guessing he is another that’s getting wed along with snodgrass..
  8. Haven’t been this buzzing for the Scotland national team in forever, honestly Believe the guy can lead us to where we have failed the last 20 odd year. Said it before, roll on Cyprus.
  9. Got to give Brophy a chance mate, Young, Strong. Composure. Got it all ahead of who we have. Great at penalties. And always finds those areas to strike in. I rate him highly and see him having a massive future for club and country. Agree with McNulty aswell. Was warned with a mate when he was at Sheffield he was shite in important games and he hasn’t disappointed in that perspective. I wouldn’t have even called him up, rather have called up Jack Harper or another attacking midfielder/winger like Mikey Johnstone/ David Turnbull.
  10. Forrest is not a striker or CF and it literally kills what’s great about him on the wing. He’s our most gifted Right winger and won a treble of awards for a reason this season. We need his pace,skill and everything else he does brilliantly on the wing. Putting him in the centre would be mental imo.
  11. Fuck forgot about him aha, either Him then Cairney or Armstrong. Could argue we don’t have a solid defensive central player in the midfield that leaves us exposed so aye again 50/50 with swapping Armstrong out for McTominay or Cairney.
  12. -Bain- -O'Donell-Findlay-Soutter-Robertson- -McGregor-McGinn-Armstrong- -Forrest-Brophy-Fraser- Only one I’m 50/50 on is Cairney/McTominay for Armstrong, but Everything else is set in stone for me. Forrest,McGregor,Fraser,Robertson are mainstays, find it mind boggling why CalMac isn’t in some of the teams in the thread. Won Celtic’s POTY, and been outstanding this season. Brophy deserves his first cap and to lead the line. Ended of his season perfectly and has strength and composure we have been missing.
  13. Can’t say I’m that impressed with the team. was hoping to see Mikey Johnstone, David Turnbull, Liam Cooper, Liam Lindsay and hoped Snodgrass would be back. But I have full faith in Clarke. Roll on Cyprus!
  14. Wasn’t defending him, was correcting you in I think it’s mental if you feel the need to have a go at a Scotsman for having a Hatred the English National team. No idea where I put I hate people for there country.... think I actually said we dish it back out what they give out to us, And all the other crap I see daily as mentioned which is xenophobic. But okay.
  15. If being a “petty little man” in today’s age is for not wanting your bitter national team rivals to do well, then I honestly don’t know what else to say. Sorry that the average English supporter or tv broadcaster who mock daily mock us, our league, culture, accent doesn’t really sit well with me.
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