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  1. I seen that exact interview and I took away pretty much the same thought process as yourself. Another thing Clarke said stood out to me from it was this too - “He is a good prospect, Billy, but he is only 19 years of age. He has 15 years in front of him so he has plenty of time to push his way into the Scotland national team” It’s an old fashioned mindset I’d have hope we left behind if they are in form let a few get in to get that experience. With billy he’s not had much game time but played yesterday and was outstanding against Sheffield United and his technical ability is there
  2. Oh my word that’s aged like spoilt milk looking back ahahaha, I’ll take all the pelters for that happily 😂😂
  3. I for one am absolutely delighted at this news. Massive coup for us. He’s been fantastic for Southampton in his turn around season, the team is built on hard working individuals and Che is exactly that. I’m sure he’ll be an absolute hit for us. He was 19/20 when he turned down an approach from Malky McKay, I’d be giving the lad a break, with agents in his ear among other things the reality he owed us or england nothing. If he wants to now play for us now being in fine form and give it his all then I’m all for it. hopefully a means to an end for a player like Olive
  4. If I was Billy I’d be on the blower to my agent asking for a move away at first opportunity constantly. He must be one of the best youngsters in Europe who isn’t getting game time, whatever your thoughts are on if he should be starting over Jorginho or Mount the reserves are no place for a player of his potential and ability. The old and current mentality that young players should wait it out because they are at a “big club” is one that has ruined so many promising players careers waiting for a chance they never received. No football club no matter how big they are is worth
  5. Turnbull, Gauld, Hendry and either Patterson or Rooney are the absolute musts for me. but going back to right backs. Nathan Patterson putting in an absolutely brilliant performance in the EL knockouts for rangers tonight is just another reason upon many why he absolutely should be fast tracked ahead of O’Donnell and Palmer, both could have only dreamt of having that ability when they where 19. If your good enough your old enough, and Patterson certainly is good enough.
  6. At the end of the day the principle of football is calling up players on form and he’s doing that at the highest level, aye we can show loyalty to a certain few who maybe aren’t doing it at club level that fit Clarke’s system and played part in our qualifying campaign, but Armstrong is a key asset to have if it’s starting or coming off the bench with his ability. 23 man team being a staple. As for starting it’s a fair debate to discuss on his current form he’s currently in, but aye an absolute staple I would have thought for the 23 man squad at the least.
  7. Armstrong being left out is utterly bonkers to me, I’d have though he’d be a staple in everyone’s team giving his brilliant consistency at club level with Southampton at the highest level.
  8. Sean Rooney scores the only goal to secure victory over Livingston to help St Johnstone win the Scottish League Cup. Yet again another fine performance from the man stepping up for his club. I said on here before he should be a name definitely worth considering over a badly out of from O’Donnell aswell as Palmer. And again today he stakes another claim why he absolutely should be at least considered. He’s the currently the most in form scottish RWB/RB atm, if we are going to call up players on club form he should be a name in the pipeline, I get Clarke has a system and will
  9. Motherwell losing 3-0 to St Johnstone today, god their team is awful without Gallagher. Shaun Rooney grabbing an assist and keeping a CS highlighting another fantastic performance from him under St Johnstone’s recent good form this season. Giving our lack of depth at RWB aswell as our first choice in O’Donnell being badly out of from who was sent of the past game against accies, like I mentioned before I hope he’s one Clarke is keeping an eye on if we’re not planning on trying Armstrong there.
  10. I said he and Paul McGinn have both been better Scottish wingbacks this season - which they have so I’m not sure on the issue there. O’Donnell on current form shouldn’t be anywhere near the team regardless of the system if we are going by the basic club level form. Getting sent off against Hamilton Accies sums his season up of how poor he’s been. I agree that should be the be all and end all of it, we call the best players up. But there’s certain players i think Clarke will keep in the team like O’Donnell and McBurnie due to loyalty and ignore others despite performing better
  11. Agreed. Don’t see it debated often but going all the way back before the Serbia game I was rooting to see Armstrong play RWB. Seems the type of player who would play well there with his play style. and as for dropping Palmer, I’m not a fan of O’Donnell either but he’s likely a staple under Clarke, he’s not even been the best scottish wing back in the league this season. Shaun Rooney of St Johnstone and Paul McGinn of Hibs have been far better. Aswell as really wanting to see Hickey played their too. Taking that into account id rather see Hickey and one of the other names I mentioned t
  12. It’s going to be extremely tough whatever Clarke decides, just for example I’ve seen plenty of mentions of folk wanting McLean cut for Gilmour which is a debatable argument, but on the other hand he’s a fine penalty taker, pivotal to our qualifying in the shoot outs and a decent box to box player. Is Clarke really going to shun Kenny away when he was so massively relied and stepped up on? Very unlikely. others like - Burke. - Patterson - McBurnie - Taylor - Palmer - McKenna - Hanley i would lose no sleep over being cut. Trim the team in cer
  13. Turnbull was fantastic tonight, under the circumstances of playing under a horrendous manger like Lennon, he’s really outshining everyone. high hopes for the lad, surely a cert for the March games and at that the euros.
  14. Looking back at our last squad back in november It’ll be interesting to see who we cut for the euros. There’s a good few names who’ll move out for me with no qualms. March games I hope to see some new faces like Gauld, Gilmour Turnbull Nisbet and even Hickey at the forefront in the March games before the euros in place of others out of our last squad, to see how they get on.
  15. After watching O’Donnell for Motherwell yesterday before he got sent off against Hamilton, it’s that time again where I grow increasingly worried about our right back depth. I prefer him over Palmer, but I’m saying that I really hope Clarke calls up a fresh face at right back and gives them a go ahead of O’Donnell giving his current extremely poor form at club level. Nathan Patterson - talented natural young right back, maybe the most unlikely with Lack of experience and minutes at club level. Paul McGinn - called up the last set of games, much better than SOD this se
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