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  1. Celtic and football lost a true great. A one club legend who won 31 major trophies including the European cup back in 1967 now known as the champions league, the first ever British player to captain a team and win the European cup aswell. Although I wasn’t alive to watch billy play like most Celtic fans who where born after, I was told the great stories of a true legend. RIP Cesar YNWA 💚🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  2. Again, I have nothing to regret. There was no malice in my comments directing to his health, again wouldn’t sink that though. It’s a game off football at the end of the day and my opinion was solely on his 12 game performance as our manger. I honestly don’t know what else to say.
  3. Abusing? Absolutely shocking term to use. My criticism was on him as a Manger, I would never sink as low to insult a man if he is as ill as rumoured to be. The gibberish term was used the same way I would say if a manager was talking shite to not make a result as bad like Mcleish ssying “we started good” against Kazakhstan when we clearly didn’t. Can’t believe the way some of my words have been twisted. I said what many are saying and as I explained my criticism was on him as a manager on his 12 games. Absolutely no shape or form was it directed to him or his well-being.
  4. Well said mate, good to know there is still many people on here who Understood my point and didn’t try and twist my words. My criticism was on him as a manager. Nothing more.
  5. I’m actually 19, and I have no idea why my age needs to be brought up given if said what most are saying? If I’m not allowed to criticise a manager on his performances for out national team then football has gone mad. The Dinosaur term is used due his lack of any tactics and making questionable decisions in game. Do not think for one minute I was insulting him on his health or outside of football. My uncle has met Mcleish many years ago and said he was class act. But my criticism is on his 12 games he managed and in the process put us at rock bottom. Nothing more and nothing less.
  6. If he’s in poor health, I wish him all the best. But if you think I’m not going to be happy after a manager who’s put us in the gutter then I honestly don’t know what else to say. As a human being I wish him well. As a football manger I’m glad to see the back of him and his side crew of McFadden, Grant and so on. And aswell as that the folk who appointed him should also walk.
  7. What a Day! Haven’t felt this happy for the Scotland national team in a long time. The man crippled us. Made Kazakhstan look like Brazil of the 1950s and had no tactics or formation not to mention talking gibberish in his post match interviews. Should never been apportioned and that lies with the SFA but glad they finally did the only sensible thing and sack Dinosaur McLeish before it was truly over for us. But good news McLeish Is Out! 🎉
  8. Praying this is true. Would feel like scotland winning the Euros. He’s ruined us and put our country in the gutter. Him getting sacked is the only way forward along with McFadden and Grant also getting told to bolt.
  9. Embarrassing. Pathetic. Unorganized. Shameful. Time to call it a day with the dinosaur. McLeishOut
  10. When Alex Mcleish is in charge. Expect nothing less. Would somehow find a way to ruin even the best players in the world. The guy is a disgrace.
  11. For me we have been playing absolutely terrible, no surprise there. Look unorganized and no look of instructions or tactics going forward in the game. Said it before Mcleish should be sacked. Stealing a living and when San Marino having being going forward we have looked even worse. Any team remotely with anything decent about them would tear us apart.. god help us against Belgium and Russia.
  12. No James Forrest? Embarrassing McLeish truly is a prehistoric dinosaur past his sell by date, if it wasn’t for Jamesy he’d have surly got the sack. Not to mention our most creative winger with Fraser... he’s uselsss and destroying us game by game #McLeishOUT
  13. Bain SOD-Bates-Findlay-Robertson McTominay-McGregor Forrest-Armstrong-Fraser Paterson Woukd give Findlay his international debut, think he deserves it and has been solid for Kilmarnock, with Robbo,Fraser,Paterson coming back they all must start. We need a good target man who can bring the wingers in and Paterson fits the bill.
  14. Today we play San Marino, for me the sad reality is there really a win/ win situation? Because where I’m standing if we win Alex Dinosaur Mcleish lives to fight another day no doubt with more doom and gloom ahead and expectations only to be let down again and further destroy us.. or we lose/draw suffer our worst result in our history and become a laughing stock to the world, But on the good note the dinosaur would no doubt get the sack and we could put an end to his disastrous era which he’s put our national team in the gutter. there isn’t a win/win because he’s destroyed us that much I feel even if we lost today, in the long term would it be a blessing in disguise? Either way I’m not looking forward to tonight’s match and it’s simply for me no real good result in the end.
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