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  1. Cracking read about Morrison, have big hopes for the lad. Never had this much excitement for a young Scottish defender at least in my lifetime. The way top level coaches talk about him speaks volumes. even as a Celtic supporter, I’m glad he moved on from us. Going to a place like Bayern was the dream scenario for his development to fulfil as a young player. Still plenty of time yet of course but he seems like Gilmour and co, a soon to be special talent.
  2. In different situations I would agree, but these core of players look morally low on confidence. And the players even if it may be the only chance for many at a major championship they will play for, look up to the manger to help them lead the belief that they can go in and win the play off and give them that final level of motivation to say - “fuck it why can’t we qualify? We’re good enough of paper, let’s go for it.” But I just don’t see that kind of confidence with the players at all under Clarke, And that’s the genuine worry, it looks like we aren’t up to much in the organisation
  3. Firstly I do feel for Clarke in the way, if he can’t motivate these players then it’s a very depressing play off ahead for himself aswell as the fans if they can’t get behind him. And after the performance against the Czech reserve team. A team that was assembled within a day, that played us off the park for the most part and looked miles better coached than we did. Fuck we looked like a high school football team and Clarke was a PE teacher. It was absolutely fuckin brutal. It looked to me he can’t motivate and there is seriously bad issues there. Not going to buy the “exper
  4. As much as i like the man, As a Celtic supporter I endure enough of watching McGregor coast a game as a ghost most domestic games for at least 2 years now. He’s literally done nothing of note since Rodgers first 2 seasons, which he’s really been living off. Hopefully tomorrow he isn’t anywhere near the team. And I may say a game free from an empty jersey who’s criminally overrated. Fleck should definitely be starting in the midfield. he’s more than earned it.
  5. Yep of course, my error with that. I would love to be proved wrong with Robertson as captain and him to really take the reigns more going forward, as much as I don’t think he’s a leader he’s a man who you only command respect for giving everything he’s achieved and his career path to get where he is now. but personally I cannot shake off the feeling giving the pressure it comes with being captain it hinders his confidence to really get going and play confidently in his game as, some people do expect far too much from him giving his position, and that also is another weight
  6. That’s what I predict, not what I want with him being captain for the next game. Should have highlighted that reason why I marked him as (c) for the predicted purpose. stripping Robertson of captaincy is easier said than done, and unfortunately do not see it happening anytime soon. If at all. Hence why. I think without that pressure he’d be a much better asset to Scotland.
  7. Here’s what I would go with, classic 4-4-2 to give more support to our ST and play Tierney at left back to really get the best out him. McLaughlin Palmer-McKenna-Cooper-Tierney Armstrong-Fleck-McGinn-Robertson (c) Christie Dykes - i would drop the 2 worst players in McGregor the Ghost and Forrest. - Robertson need the captaincy moved off him, never a leader in a million years. - Someone who is a captain at club level like Cooper would be my ideal pick, he’s a
  8. Main take from the game - Did someone tell Callum McGregor Halloween wasn’t until the end of next month? He did a fantastic job at dressing up as Casper The Ghost tonight. totally invisible for 90 minutes. absolutely brutal viewing with his side/back passing and this isn’t just for Scotland either, domestically he’s been awful or average for over a year now, done nothing of note since the first 2 seasons under Rodgers. He’s coasting for club and country and it’s depressing to watch at this point, criminally overrated doesn’t cover it.
  9. Forgetting the latest McBurnie Drama or the talk of Ryan Fraser’s lack of commitment. Maybe I’m in the minority with this, but for once in a long time I’m very confident going into both games and it’s mainly due to the positive vibe I’ve seen from the players in the squad in the press and on social media, something I haven’t seen in years. - Tierney doing a very sincere interview the other day about Scotland and his passion he has for his country and how much it hurt him when people doubted his commitment. - Dykes choosing us over Australia, and like coming across very
  10. Bang on, and even then that’s putting it lightly. He’s regressed many of our best players like McGregor,,Forrest,Christie,Ajer all of who whom where fantastic under Rodgers. sooner he’s gone the better, hopefully not too long before he regresses Turnbull onto that list.
  11. For a year n a half McGregor has regressed big time for us. He’s not the same quality player he was in Brendan Rodgers first 2 n a half seasons, same with Forrest aswell As Christie too. All 3 have regressed and I’ll put it down to the absolute rotten coach that is Neil Lennon, as much as I like the man. He’s a terrible coach who’s absolutely clueless, I mean he played Christie ( a attacking midfielder) a solo striker ffs.. sooner he leaves the better, ideally I was hoping after the embarrassment against that Hungarian team he’d have got the sack and maybe be able to save t
  12. I’m absolutely delighted we’ve signed Turnbull, zero concerns he’ll be wasted, he’s levels ahead of McGregor and Christie when they where his age. hes not signed to play second fiddle, he’s already Frist team quality imo. Hope he gets his first start soon.
  13. He’ll want to focus on his full time managerial job at Kilmarnock now so I’m not shocked really. All the best to the man, he was a class act for the period we had him for Scotland and spoke proudly as being part of the team.
  14. It has to be said, McGregor is criminally overrated, and I say that as a Celtic supporter also. Love the guy but fuck me... the gulf between him and the likes of McGinn, Armstrong Etc is frighting.
  15. I hope we go with a 2 ST formation as it’s been mentioned in here before, think it’s key to get the best out McBurnie. Him and Dykes could make a solid partnership.
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