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  1. Yup, I was kind of pleased that I got that game until I realised we're still in with a shout of qualifying (on paper). Shows how confident I am.
  2. Finding out I got Euro 2020 final tickets - YAS! Finding out it's gonna be Croatia v Czech Republic - NAH! Typical. Still pleased to have euro tickets but annoyed that I had a two in three chance of potentially watching Scotland.
  3. We were never getting the final at home. ☹️
  4. Probably right. I'd also say that Scotland's problem is not quality players (apart from CBs) it's playing as a team unit but we have good individuals. Penalties would probably suit us on paper. I'd happily see Naismith, McGinn, McGregor, Fraser, Robertson, Forrest, Tierney, hit them. Shouldn't get further than that.
  5. Haven't seen this anywhere on the forum yet. But, wouldn't it be soooooo Scotland to draw nil nil in the semi and lose a penalty shootout? As it's a single leg I'm assuming we got to ET then pens. Would you fancy our chances in a shoot out?
  6. What is the point of anything?
  7. Draw on 22nd Nov is to decide who will be the home team in the play off final. i.e, "winner of semi 1 plays winner of semi 2" etc. We're likely, maybe certain to be, at home for our semi which given our away record is an advantage. We' really nee a home draw for the final as I can't see us winning a do or die game away from home against a team of any sort of ability.
  8. So it's your fault then? Get your hand in your pocket and buy this one. Take one for the nation.
  9. Alright Ross. We know that's you!
  10. Because we can barely beat anybody regardless of seeding.
  11. There's players I'd rather see in the team above him. Mostly been anonymous in a Scotland shirt recently, playing OK for Celtic but he's gone through his purple patch. Not a Forrest hater.
  12. I thought Palmer did fairly well last night. I'd keep him in. Wouldn't have Forrest in the team. Would start Shankland. McTominay I'm still unsure about.
  13. I wouldn't be against it given Shankland showed way more ability than a player two clubs have paid £12m for. However, at the same time I can see Clarke's logic. either way we're not qualifying, simple as that. Play-offs in 5 months and what's going to change in that time? On a side note, Oli Burke really needs to learn how to get his head up and play a simple pass. It was actually a joke the amount of times he let us down in a good position last night.
  14. Yeah, that shot lacked power, timing and accuracy but apart from that it wasn't bad.
  15. Ryan Jack bossed the midfield last night against decent European Opposition. Keeps playing well then deserves a start for me. Scott Brown-esque doggedness in defence and keeps the game ticking over in possession.
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