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  1. "I've got an idea for this interview with this Jock fella yeah. Fink about this... 'aggis! I've gone and played a blinder there guv."
  2. RightPeg


    Delaying the Euros might actually be good for us, especially if they delay the play-offs. Let our younger players develop over the next year and we'd stand a better chance. Please let us unearth a quality striker in that time... Griffiths seems to only screw the nut for short periods of time.
  3. More likely to say "... so it was"
  4. He clearly wants to play for Scotland. I'd love him to get approached by England because he'd definitely tell them "thanks, but nah".
  5. RightPeg

    New jerseys?

    Yeah that was my point to the original post about it. "They'll be paying the SFA." "Obviously the size of that team's fan base and level of TV coverage dictates how much it costs a company to get their name on the shirt." I'm on your side.
  6. Didn't know about VAR. Given the clumsiness of our defenders and the softness of fouls awarded through VAR we'll give away 4 penalties.
  7. RightPeg

    New jerseys?

    They'll be paying the SFA. I assume by "we" you mean the fans, if that's the case then you surely think all football tops bought by supporters are free advertising for that company. Obviously the size of that team's fan base and level of TV coverage dictates how much it costs a company to get their name on the shirt.
  8. Yup, I was kind of pleased that I got that game until I realised we're still in with a shout of qualifying (on paper). Shows how confident I am.
  9. Finding out I got Euro 2020 final tickets - YAS! Finding out it's gonna be Croatia v Czech Republic - NAH! Typical. Still pleased to have euro tickets but annoyed that I had a two in three chance of potentially watching Scotland.
  10. We were never getting the final at home. ☹️
  11. Probably right. I'd also say that Scotland's problem is not quality players (apart from CBs) it's playing as a team unit but we have good individuals. Penalties would probably suit us on paper. I'd happily see Naismith, McGinn, McGregor, Fraser, Robertson, Forrest, Tierney, hit them. Shouldn't get further than that.
  12. Haven't seen this anywhere on the forum yet. But, wouldn't it be soooooo Scotland to draw nil nil in the semi and lose a penalty shootout? As it's a single leg I'm assuming we got to ET then pens. Would you fancy our chances in a shoot out?
  13. What is the point of anything?
  14. Draw on 22nd Nov is to decide who will be the home team in the play off final. i.e, "winner of semi 1 plays winner of semi 2" etc. We're likely, maybe certain to be, at home for our semi which given our away record is an advantage. We' really nee a home draw for the final as I can't see us winning a do or die game away from home against a team of any sort of ability.
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