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  1. RightPeg

    2018 year in review

    Forrest has been good but for me A. McGregor has been superb. He's still a top, top quality shot-stopper, kicking is pretty rank though. But has definitely bought us a point or two with his vital performances. I know no-one asked but out of the options I'd rate them; A. McGregor Forrest C. McGregor Robbo and Fraser together (based on Scotland performances)
  2. RightPeg

    Team for israel

    If Griffiths was getting picked ahead of Naismith (even though Naisy is more naturally of a link between midfield and striker for me) then Naismith would never call off and that's the difference. Leigh is super talented but clearly a bit of a numbnut who hasn't thought this through. Having said that my initial reaction to him pulling out was slight indifference. My feelings probably aren't in line with the majority on here. It's game day so let's forget about that for now. Israel 0-1 Scotland in close match with us failing to take all our chances.
  3. RightPeg

    Bids to replace Hampden

    I've tried to get the train a few times but by the time you walk to the station, wait on it arriving and get to Central you're just as quick walking, imo. Then more trains leave from Queen Street anyway for Edinburgh unless I'm mistaken. If we stay at Hampden, which is definitely what will happen, then I'll still go to games. Like I said it wouldn't be an issue if the games were at reasonable times - make a day of it and you don't notice the travel.
  4. RightPeg

    Bids to replace Hampden

    As someone that used to live in East Lothian it would take 2.5hrs non stop travel to get home after a game at Hampden. That's cos I to walk back to the train station from the ground. Sure it's worse for some folk. I went to the Qatar game for the novelty of it being (almost) on my doorstep. The issue is the days of the week the games are played on, especially if you're not taking a day off on match day. Rushing through after work and then back is a hassle. Appreciate a lot of people based around Glasgow attend but I don't think that would drop if they used Murrayfield / moved games around. Fact is it's closer to a train station that serves the whole of Scotland.