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  1. Anyone else complete the stupid wee game captcha for it to say "continue to your action" but there's nothing else there? If I hit the "Submit" button it refreshes the game and I'm stuck in a loop. Any help appreciated.
  2. 2 for me. Section "I" I believe.
  3. Hanley is like our Phil Jones.
  4. For me the captain sets a standard in terms of attitude, commitment and training etc and Robertson does that without a doubt. It's not about making on the pitch calls for change of shape or shouting the odds. There should be a few vocal players in every team, regardless of experience.
  5. First time listening. Could have warned me about how good that intro is. Got goosebumps!
  6. Sure you'll have no issue with that at all. There's only two of us going but we're sure to end up gabbing away to other TA.
  7. Take it you're not a member of the SSC? It's down to 1 point now and I'm sure you get a point just for joining the SSC. Might be worth considering doing if you think you'll go to some home games this campaign too. You don't need to buy a season ticket and will get a discount on home games. Not much mind you but still. Think it's £50/55 to join.
  8. Probably better sitting in the home end for a decent view. I managed to get away tickets and I'm only on 2 points. I could have selected either the cheap or expensive ones so obviously not close to selling out our end.
  9. That view looks worse than Hampden.
  10. Generation Europe Youth Hostel (bunk beds ) but for the time we'll spend in the room don't really care. £22 a night each. Sint-Jans-Molenbeek area.
  11. I've signed up to their supporters newsletter anyway in the hope of nabbing a home end ticket. Only on 2 points!
  12. Thought it must be but When two folk mentioned ease of use of the website thoughts jumped to the Belgians!
  13. Belgium end? If so where would you recommend in the stadium?
  14. We've struggled with little 5-10 year passes. No confidence or belief. Beyond poor.
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