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  1. Anyone booked anything recently? Me and a friend trying to head out - booked the match tickets last night after the game but I work so would only go if I could find something cheap but doesn’t look so favourable at the moment. Any help appreciated
  2. Was just thinking, what are the chances of the Armenia game being moved with the queens funeral being the day before and all security/police being tied up in London?
  3. Looks like the game will be in Krakow then, decent price on direct flights. Game will be at Henrkya Reymana? Wisla’ home stadium. 24k capacity. Any idea what allocation the Irish got in Łódź as a general idea for what we will get
  4. Hi, getting Ryanair from Edinburgh to Cork early Friday morning, anyone else? Also just checked in online and it is asking for covid documentation even though to fly to Ireland you don’t need anything anymore? Do I still have to fill this out or is it okay just to leave it? Thanks
  5. I think this will be the team but don’t think Patterson fit, will be Sods.
  6. Agreed with the change in selections, however don’t agree that we will have most of the ball. Don’t recall us having more than 55% possession at hampden in recent years, even against moldova and against Israel and austria we had less of the ball. But we do create the chances whether we dominate the ball or not, on the other hand we will concede chances as our defence isn’t rock solid, we just have to hope we convert ours and they don’t.
  7. Always like the idea of strikers taking penalties. After all it’s what they’re paid to do, having said that would never trust dykes with a pen again. Adams, Mcgregor or Christie for me
  8. Agreed, hope to not see any more comments about us lying down or giving them a bye.
  9. Just seen on the Welsh version of this they expect anywhere from 100-300k ‘Jocks’ to make the trip if we beat Ukraine 😳 I’d be happy with 20k+.
  10. Where you see that? Is it from a while ago?
  11. Taxi between 5/7 not bad. £10-18 each
  12. Gordon Odonel Mctominay Hanley Cooper Rob Mcregor Mcginn Gilmour Adams Christie My stab at the team. Unless Patterson is fit which I doubt he will be considering he hasn’t played in 2 months. Could also see dykes over Christie But imo Christie is clear
  13. Anyone ever used the Supporters club card for identification when picking up tickets?
  14. Can’t be 100% pick-up unless they issue refunds for the people who selected postal.
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