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  1. Almost pointless as Russia will appeal to CAS anyway and they'll still be in the same mess until early next year. Decision on 9th December, Russia would have to appeal to CAS before 30th December and CAS have to make their decision within 3 months. That could be March (playoff time) before they come to a decision. They might give an interim decision in January but that's not going to help much given how tangled Russia are in the mess of Euro 2020.
  2. From what I've read he was very up and down. Not sure he can be relied upon at a higher level. Didn't look that great in the 3 or 4 games I watched either. Seemed to be giving the ball away too much.
  3. From what I've read he was supposed to have been brilliant in League One, then average at best last season in the championship. Taking a step up to the premier league will be too much imo (for him and the team). Very light in central midfield by the looks of it.
  4. It probably helped it along the way. Still salty about that goal. It cost me on a 300/1 bet on all eight results of the last 16 games. They'd probably have lost anyway. Should never have went for the draw.
  5. My memory is atrocious. I can barely remember that game other than the Fletcher goal. Had to re-watch the highlights. Presumably we'll get VAR in qualifiers within the next decade after a wrong decision gets made involving a big team.
  6. 3-0 Italy if you use VAR for the big decisions in that game. Unfortunately VAR can't be used on dodgy freekicks or we could've kept the hypothetical game to just a two nil defeat.
  7. I thought that too but I don't think that's the case any more. Looking at Euro 2016 on wiki, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th seeds group numbers for the fixtures are randomised. So 3rd seed could be D4, 4th seed could be D2 etc. They could put all the hosts at home in their 1st game of the tournament too (and have two hosts in the same group play each other on the second matchday for balance). Assuming we get there, as a wild guess I'd say the game against England would be on 19th June.
  8. Borderline impossible to guess accurately just now. The last 16 game at Hampden will involve the winner of group E, which could be Spain. The other team would be one of the 3rd placed teams from A, B, C or D. Things would be easier to work out roughly if D2= 2nd seed, D3=3rd seed etc. but looking at Euro 2016 on wiki, it doesn't seem like that was/will be the case. Only the 1st seeds were A1, B1, C1 etc... France and Portugal could be the non-host 2nd seeds to avoid. England are already there, hopefully they take the 1 seed.
  9. Seems like he was in training all week according to the Malaga website. I figured they gave him a place for the (meaningless?) final day game as a goodwill gesture to a local lad.
  10. I think Belgium tend to play a full strength team even after they've qualified. They won against Bosnia Herzegovina at the end of the last quali in horrible weather, including taking chances on slightly injured players. Bosnia were desperate for a win to get into the playoffs IIRC.
  11. I've never used them but they look like a fairly legit company. The quality of shirt can be up and down from what I've seen. I've bought a few NFL jerseys from China before and it was decent quality for a fake. If it's 6 weeks it'll likely be coming by freight train. It stops a few times in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus etc. before coming to the UK. I've been given tracking numbers a few times when ordering from China. You might be able to track the train.
  12. I've just realised the draw might not be held until November 2020. The next NL finals tournament will be during WC qualifying so they'll have to put the teams who reach it in 5 team groups again. Assuming they are definitely going for 10 groups.
  13. Dont think so. The Nations League should be starting in September 2020. It's played every two years.
  14. They could piss of a lot of countries by using highest in the overall ranking (but not necessarily group winners) instead. That might hoover up any of the bigger teams who happen to slip through the cracks e.g. Netherlands at the last WC quali. It's quite unlikely they'd do that though. Yeah, standard quali group from March 2021- November 2021.
  15. There was news today. It's probably worth checking the Kassiesa national team forums if you want regular updates on this. https://apnews.com/d30c09518ce940ac8e86a8f04c34dee3 As I said on another forum, the date of the draw itself may well be pushed back until after the Euro qualifying. There'll be a draw for the home teams of the Euro playoff finals at some point, so maybe they'll just do the WC draw on the same day. As someone above said, we're #26 in Europe now which is firmly into the 3rd seeds. Very unlikely to be a #2 seed. Talking of #2 seeds, they're all over the place. I'd cry if we got Netherlands/Italy when teams like Rep.Ireland are sitting in the same pot. I'm not really sure how they pick 2 teams out of the Nations League. Maybe the 2 highest ranked group winners not already in the playoffs or something?
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