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  1. Fantastic prospect, as is Leon King at Rangers, his central defensive partner with Scotland. Both real talents.
  2. Apologies....forgetting there is 4 keepers in the squad..... still not good enough though!😝
  3. Liam Kelly is not good enough.... hence why he isn’t in the squad. Neither is Bain for that matter. Marshall is the best keeper available to us. Losing McGregor was a big blow!
  4. I think Cyprus have to be given credit....technically sound, good range of passing, even when we pressed they managed to pass through us a few times. The manager set us up accordingly and we got a result....under McLeish I don’t believe we would’ve responded the way we did after their goal. We’ve got a good manager, well respected, with a winning mentality. Think we should start with a middle three of McGregor, McTominay and Armstrong against Belgium.
  5. I think the fact that there is any argument that Robbo had a poor game last night is testament to the ridiculously high standards he has set this season. A few top class deliveries, great run and effort on goal and comfortable defensively. His positioning (probably the weakest part of his game) has improved this season as well. Think the Daily Mail gave him an 8.5 and man of the match.
  6. He was also a very good right back for the u21s.....albeit that was a few years ago now. It’s not a completely alien position to him.
  7. Yeah that is true.....my point being that any decent left winger with pace will expose him badly.... he’s a carthorse when he runs!
  8. SOD is a steady eddy at best......but his lack of any pace is a real worry, especially coming up against a player like Hazard!
  9. I was laughed at for suggesting it, but unfortunately bar playing Tierney on the right, Jack is probably our best option at right back.
  10. What else does Stephen Dobbie need to do for a call up..........🤷‍♂️
  11. As for goalkeepers, I still think Marshall is by far our best option. Bain, Kelly, Zander Clarke etc. will get exposed badly at international level in my opinion.
  12. Thought the boy Hickey looked excellent at left back....but apparently can play right back as well....he is only 16. Connor Smith showed some good composure on the ball, including a great turn that completely took out a couple of Celtic players in the second half. Add to this Cochrane and Anthony McDonald, who has been out on loan this season, Hearts have got a good core if young players. But I agree, when used correctly, Johnstone is some talent! Didn’t see the Rangers game so can’t comment on Mebude. Great that he has someone like Defoe at the club to learn off though.
  13. Sorry Chripper disagree, by taking Robertson out of his left back berth you negate one of our most potent attacking threats.....his deliveries from the left. And you keep referring to McGregor as a Championship Player..... when there is nothing to suggest he couldn’t play in the EPL. His close control, vision and ability in tight situations are his strong points in midfield. What makes you think that Robertson would fare any better? And playing Tierney at right back, while not ideal, isn’t nearly as radical a suggestion.....at the end of the day he is a full back and a defender foremost.
  14. Once Gilmour has about 10 senior appearances for a loan club he will probably be in the full squad. A few of the young boys mentioned still have a year or two at that age group as well. McPake has been a standout any time I’ve seen him.
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