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  1. On the topic of Gemmill and his u21s record, the u21 manager, or any age group manager for that matter, shouldn’t necessarily be judged on whether they qualify for major tournaments or not. It should be more about how many of the players they select ending up playing for the full squad. That is their number one priority.
  2. Bit of a one trick pony at the moment, very left sided...and a decent full back will suss him out quite quickly. Needs to add more to his game....maybe should have stayed at Motherwell for his development.
  3. It’s not as black and white as the club you play for and what league you play in. To doubt McGregor’s technical ability is a bit unreasonable to be honest. For me, in this moment in time, McGregor is a better all round midfielder than McTominay. But at the same time, I would have McTominay in ahead of McGinn, who is a bit of a liability at international level. On the same note, Forrest has shown in the past few seasons that he could play at the highest level, despite the fact he plays against so-called “diddies” every week. Just ask David Alaba........
  4. Yeah a good young team, but weak in certain areas unfortunately, namely goalkeeper, right back and up top.
  5. Playing Fraser and Forrest anywhere other than their natural wide berths would be criminal. McGregor, McTominay, Christie and Armstrong are all good players more than capable at international level. McTominay has now proven what he offers against the likes of PSG and Barcelona. As for Tierney, I see him playing right back going forward.... O’Donnell and Palmer I don’t believe are good enough.
  6. Don’t you be taking me out my wee fantasy world now......
  7. Was thinking about this earlier....in a couple of years we could conceivably have an international midfield with players playing for Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal/Tottenham, with the others made up from Celtic.
  8. Don’t want to tempt fate, but I genuinely believe he is too good to be stuck in the u23’s for another season or two. Hoping him and Hornby both get loan moves next season, if the first team is still a bit out of reach.
  9. SWMM82

    The Weemin

    Watched a good bit of it.....wouldn’t even say it was smash n grab either..... could’ve won more comfortably in the end. Cuthbert is a cracking wee player, as is Kim Little👌🏼
  10. I would say McGregor is better than “ok”.......not just domestically...... I’ve seen him put in some very good performances in Europe against the likes of Bayern Munich and Zenit.
  11. Yeah I would’ve had Taylor in the last squad.....not going to start ahead of Robertson and Tierney obv, but with the call offs, he would’ve been a much better option than Shinnie. Hindsight n all eh! Liked the look of Wilson at the Toulon tournament and thought he might’ve had more of a sniff this year, but as you say the competition has been strong at Kilmarnock this season.
  12. I reckon he will go out on loan next season and it won’t be long till we see him in the full squad. He is already better than some midfielders that have been called up for Scotland in recent times.
  13. A couple of years ago I would’ve said yes with Kiltie and Frizzell coming through but they have disappeared. Always thought Kiltie was a good talent. Yeah never been impressed by Scott Wright. Ethan Ross not been in and about the first team squad as well?
  14. Rangers and Hearts are a great example of what is wrong within the Scottish game regarding the development of homegrown players. Middleton was getting used regularly at the beginning of the season but in recent months has disappeared off the radar.....for who....f**king Grezda!! McCrorie in and out the team despite impressing nearly every time he plays! Hearts have reduced Cochrane and McDonald, who were standouts last year, to a squad-filler and a loanee! Yeah there are consistency issues at that age, but you cannot tell me that the players they have brought in have improved the team. Its just seems like the easy option to drop young players because there isn’t the same pressure to play them as there is the average-at-best journeymen on higher wages! I believe the main issue with the national team, and has been for a long time, is the limited first team opportunities our homegrown players get. It’s the only way they will develop, and the reason we end up scouring the lower leagues in England for any player that has got a Scottish ancestor! Aberdeen - Ferguson, Campbell, McLennan, McKenna Celtic - Tierney, McGregor, Forrest, Christie Motherwell - Hastie, Turnbull, Campbell Examples of players amongst the best players at their clubs, all homegrown and given opportunities to shine and taking it. Gives all those teams identity and makes them far more exciting to watch.
  15. Was just scrolling through a Man Utd forum........some fans just can’t accept that McTominay might be a very good player.
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