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  1. Canary Cast (@CastCanary) Tweeted: This pass from Billy Gilmour tonight was superb🤩 #ncfc #cfc https://t.co/rmopXKLmqB 🙊🙊
  2. Very disappointing to be honest. And also Stephen Kelly couldn’t have done more preseason yet doesn’t even make the bench.
  3. Some neat touches and a worldie of a first time pass
  4. SWMM82


    Don’t think I’ve ever despised a pundit or commentator as much…. Him and Mowbray w*nking each other off every time England make a forward pass! The Ukraine “in awe of what’s in front of them” comment from Jenas was the height of bawbaggery!
  5. Not exactly punditry but one of the headlines this morning on Lorraine was “is it coming home?” I wish they would rap that pish… it’s going to be unbearable if they actually reach the final! Lorraine should know better as well
  6. McTominay is a prime example of how too much focus can be put on the club team a player plays for. While he’s a decent player, in my opinion he’s limited with poor defensive awareness and plays the game too much at his own pace (that irritating habit of rolling the ball with his foot as well!). Too many moments of slackness. Not a cdm and certainly not a centre half. The last time he wasn’t involved, we actually played some great football against the Dutch.
  7. Had a long spell out with injury. He’s fit again and will be promoted to Bayern’s second string this season. Possibly training with the first team from what I’ve heard.
  8. Souness is spot on…. We played long ball tactics from a bygone era rather than being brave on the ball like we were against England.
  9. Taught a footballing lesson tonight, but why oh why did we revert back to the grim tactics we used against Czech Republic??
  10. Trying to put a positive spin on it…..if he can dominate England’s’ midfield with COVID in his system then what is he capable of without??? Hope he makes a swift recovery.
  11. We’ve really missed that real talismanic figure in recent years, someone who is not only world class in his own right, but also raises the game of others around him. Gilmour may be that man.
  12. Yeah can understand Dykes starting for his height and aerial ability and feeding off of second balls, but it was clear after about 15-20 mins that the centre halves had the measure of him. Adams is definitely a level up and should start against England.
  13. I cannot stand the negative “same old Scotland” patter. If it was same old Scotland, we would be sitting watching a major tournament from our sofas wishing more than anything just to be involved! We are finally here and yes it was disappointing yesterday…but we’re far from out! Losing a player of Tierney’s quality is a huge blow which no doubt filtered through the entire team, and while we’ve got some very good players we have a few that are out of their depth at that level. For me, one of our so-called big game players had a shocker yesterday, and it’s game like yesterday where I see why a lot of Man Utd fans don’t take to him. We all know O’Donnell isn’t international quality but some of the abuse he was getting yesterday from the stands was horrific… and it certainly doesn’t help. The difference between the sides yesterday was they were more clinical and scored a goal from the half way line! We had more than enough chances, but in Dykes we’ve got a decent, but not top quality striker… in Schick the Czechs do.
  14. I like McGregor as a player, but not sure about the insistence to build the midfield around him. Almost first on the team sheet for Clarke. This could be our starting XI a week on Monday.
  15. Don’t need to worry about him being tall enough, the boy is the real deal, similar levels of potential to Billy Gilmour but obv in a different position. Also I’m understanding that Liam Morrison is moving up to Bayern’s second string and will be training with the first team soon.
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