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  1. Two of our u19 players are on the bench for Norwich in the championship tonight, Reece McAlear (midfielder) and Thomas Dickson-Peters (forward). Both very highly rated. Hopefully at least one of them will get minutes tonight.
  2. F**k sake! I was only asking........ But seriously, if he has no biological tie to Scotland, then am not interested... besides I think his understudy has the potential to be a better player anyway.
  3. Can anyone clarify whether James Tavernier is eligible to play for Scotland or not? Heard a few murmurs that is a possibility? We’re not exactly blessed with talent at RB/RWB
  4. Worth noting the number of absentees from the u21 squad... Porteous, George Johnstone, Hickey, Gilmour, Mickey Johnstone.... all players that would probably start if you were to field our strongest XI at that age group. Its encouraging how defensively solid we’ve been. But we are thin up top.
  5. I know, Sky and BT need to get their finger oot..... cannae believe they’re not covering Celtic’s u15 games!🤷‍♂️
  6. Don’t know if it’s been posted before, but here’s a highlight reel of Barry Hepburn. Only ever seen a short clip of him before.
  7. George Johnstone came on for Feyenoord tonight. I believe that’s his first competitive appearance after impressing during pre-season.
  8. Never said he was anything special, I just don’t rate McKenna. Porteous has played every minute of the season so far for a Hibs side that have started the season well and been solid at the back. Scotland u21s don’t concede many goals either and his leadership at the back is a major factor in that. I don’t think it’s bonkers to say he should be considered.... especially when we are so lacklustre at centre half.
  9. Porteous can be rash yes.... but he’s no more of a liability than McKenna. For me, Porteous is more mobile and better on the ball and he’s a leader. McKenna showed promise a couple of years ago but hasn’t kicked on, hence why we’re even debating his inclusion. He should’ve nailed that position by now.
  10. Let’s just hope the cb debate is inconsequential in a few years time..... we’ve arguably got the best centre half pairing in Europe at youth level in Liam Morrison and Leon King👌🏼 The future back THREE.... King Morrison McTominay 😜
  11. Souttar has never had a consistent run of games in his short career to date.... how many serious injuries has he amassed at just 23 years old? My issue with McKenna is that for a player that showed a lot of promise 2/3 years ago, he hasn’t improved. In fact he has probably regressed. I would sooner have Porteous in there. Also keeping a close eye on George Johnstone at Feyenoord.
  12. Souttar’s career has been blighted by injury. If he had a consistent run of games, there is no doubt to me, that he would be a better option than McKenna.
  13. Take away from both matches.... First and foremost and this one will really divide opinion.... McTominay is not good enough either as a central defender OR defensive midfielder...... the Man Utd fans will testify to this as well. Sadly his game hasn’t really developed and he has regressed with regards to his position in the Man Utd team. McKenna didn’t do much wrong the past two games, rugby tackle aside, but he is not international level. If we could only get Souttar fit again..... There’s no doubt McGregor is in poor form but he’s a good player and will be an asset for us.
  14. I reckon we might revert to a 4-2-3-1 Marshall Tierney Cooper McKenna Robertson Jack McGregor/Fleck Forrest/Armstrong McGinn Christie Dykes Cant see Clarke making too many changes to personnel. Would maybe like to see Fleck in there in place of McGregor, who looks gubbed! Could potentially move Tierney to LCB alongside McKenna with Palmer or Jack at RB. That way we’ve at least got one predominantly right footed defender. Am not sure about Tier
  15. Tierney, Jack and Dykes were positives I thought along with McKenna who looked more solid than I’ve seen him in a long time. McTominay played some great passes out of defence, but positionally found wanting on a few occasions. Christie’s energy is a real asset as well, just a bit too frantic at times causing him to make frustrating errors..... much like McGinn.
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