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  1. SWMM82

    The next 3 years

    The one area that really concerns me over the next few years, and it just so happens to be one of our strongest positions at the moment, is the goalkeepers. Once McGregor and Gordon retire, it is looking very thin. No one stands out to me. Robbie McCrorie had so much potential but looks to have a bad mistake in him nearly every game.
  2. SWMM82


    I will be the first to admit that statistically Forrest’s record before Saturday was very poor, but I still believe that has been symptomatic of the poor Scotland teams he has been part of. Since Faddy we have never really had that talisman, that stand out performer, especially in an attacking sense. We certainly haven’t had a player who has stepped up in a massive game when the chips are down and single handedly fired us to a major finals or play off.....until last night. It is no coincidence that when we play with more dynamism from middle to front, that we see a different player. I just fear that as soon as he has an off game, or a less effective game, the snipers will be back giving it, “Forrest back to his usual pish!”. He has been a joy to watch, in fact a lot of Scotland’s attacking play as a whole, has been great to watch the last couple of games. Embrace it!
  3. SWMM82

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    A lot of positives taken from today, the game tonight obviously, but also the u19s topping their group undefeated. Billy Gilmour a stand out again.
  4. SWMM82

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Agree this has definitely played a factor, he never even started the game well tonight, but once he got that first goal, he went to a level above anyone else on the pitch. Armstrong was my pick of the rest. He was the driving force in midfield. Quality player.
  5. SWMM82

    Tonight’s Match

    I was there!🥶🥶🥶
  6. SWMM82

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Spot on👍🏼 We are not without our flaws obviously, but some of our forward play was fantastic to watch.....the pace and directness of Forrest and Fraser will give any international team problems. I’ve stuck by Forrest from the start and am just delighted to see the wee man step up in style the last two games.
  7. SWMM82

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    Like Ryan Jack you mean!😝
  8. SWMM82

    Under 19's

    Haha don’t expect you to be excited.....but one of our biggest gripes has been the lack of quality being produced in this country in recent years..... if rangers develop a top player who has played for Scotland through all the age groups, then suddenly decides to defect to a different country then there’s not much we can do...but at least shows we might be turning a corner and we may now be producing a better quality of player through our youth system.
  9. SWMM82

    Under 19's

    Am not convinced by Rudden, and am disappointed Aitchison hasn’t kicked on and made a few more first team appearances for Celtic despite how young he is. Think he lacks pace at that level. Mebude is a real talent though and is still only 17....banged in a few goals for Rangers reserves recently. Fraser Hornby is the one who will lead the line in the not-too-distant future, providing he stays fit and injury-free.
  10. SWMM82

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Raheem Sterling went 27 caps without a goal for an England team with far greater attacking options. Teams often double up on wingers, especially when they’ve so got so much pace. Should give other attackers a bit more freedom.
  11. SWMM82

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Well am waiting to see all the wingers that you would have ahead of him? Fraser maybe yeah but then who? Forrest’s main job is to create...... he has assisted goals against top teams including Bayern Munich and Man City. We don’t have any world class players who regularly tear it up in the Champions League..... Celtic have become cannon fodder in the Europa League never mind the Champions League, so you can’t expect him to be banging them in! It’s a complete myth that he can’t pass a player or cross the ball. He’s been doing it consistently for 2 seasons now.
  12. SWMM82

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Was good to see Bruce Anderson and Lewis Ferguson score today. Anderson’s goal very instinctive, while Ferguson seems to have a knack of producing in big moments.
  13. SWMM82

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    You don’t half have it in for him! Like it or not Forrest is one of the best, if not the best winger available to us, along with Fraser. He’s also performed and scored big goals for Celtic in Europe, so to say domestic football is his level is just not true. There is a reason he has been called up to every squad, by different managers.
  14. SWMM82

    u19 squad announced

    There he is, cheery Chripper!😜 Look forward to sharing a pint with you at the 2026 World Cup as we march out the group stages for the very first time!🙌🏼🙌🏼
  15. SWMM82

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I just don’t think Forrest sees enough of the ball in forward areas when he plays for Scotland. The perfect example of this was against Portugal.....first half he was involved in some good attacks, linked up well and put a couple decent balls into the box. Second half, Portugal began to dominate possession and everything went down the left hand side, so he barely touched it. Celtic dominate possession domestically, and he sees a lot more of the ball, his goals and assists return over the last couple of seasons cannot be ignored. I would play him as right wing back. He has played there for Celtic and excelled in that position. He’s a great out ball and his pace would get us up the pitch more than Stephen O’Donnell ever would. I watched him run riot against Bayern Munich last season in the Champions League, gave David Alaba a roasting! There isn’t another Scottish player currently capable of doing that. I mean the boy scored four goals in half an hour against St.Johnstone and never even started against Israel. Agreed about Faddy though, he never done it at Everton, despite scoring goal of the season once there, but was excellent for Scotland. Could argue Faddy had better players around him when playing for Scotland?