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  1. Scout

    Squad and new players

    I'd like to see MacDonald - Cairney Fulham Bryan Bristol City McBurnie - Lindsay Barnsley Gallagher Birmingham Soutter Hearts McKenna Aberdeen Douglas Wolves All added to the squad New players - players that want it Time for change
  2. Scout

    Sam Gallagher

    Targett - MacDonald - Cairney Fulham Douglas Wolves Bryan Bristol City Lindsay - McBurnie /Barnsley plus the young Scottish SPL players Souttar - McGinn - McKenna - McGregor . few left sided players but two games let's see what they have. Time change / players that are hungry and want it
  3. Scout

    Sam Gallagher

    Says in the papers Sam Gallagher is the next target for Alex McLeish decent player and better than what we have got also few others linked Interesting times Hope he picks a few new players from Championship and the SPL
  4. Scout

    Angus Gunn

    If I was Alex Mcleish I'd also be talking to my X team mate Bryan Gunn and see if we can get his son Angus into our squad - I know he's been in England squads from 16 to 21s but Bryan is a Scottish international his son should follow suit. If not goalkeeper could be a problem position going forward with Gordon - McGregor - Marshall all getting older/injured /not playing Leaves Archer millwall and possibly McLaughlin Hearts
  5. Scout

    Optimism or doomed for another glorious failure

    I think it was a tale of two games got the team right on Sunday night we can't argue with that and played some good stuff and it was the game that counted - The Canada game we should have learned a lot more from what's the point of giving Berra - Wallace- Fletcher - Naysmith etc guys that have played a lot of games for Scotland surely you name two squads and try players out - All we tried was Cairney who was our best player IMO we could have looked at Liam Lindsay - Kevin Macdonald - Liam Cooper - Murray Wallace - Liam Britdcutt - Scott Bain - Jamie Walker -Jason Cummings- more game time Jordon Rhodes -Michael Devin plus the Aberdeen lads - I know I named 4 centre backs but that's the problem area it was a great chance to try out and bring younger players who have played a few games back in
  6. Scout

    Team v England

    Gordon Tierney Martin Mulgrew Robertson Brown Morrison OR Cairney Phillips Armstrong Snodgrass Griffiths OR Rhodes
  7. Scout

    Centre Backs

    A B international or play a couple of games against some of the lower ranked teams in Europe agree Cairney was also played out of position players like : keepers Bain Dundee - McLaughlin Burton - Archer Millwall Liam Lindsay - Murray Wallace - Liam cooper - Kevin Macdonald The Aberdeen guys - Cummings - Walker Bryan Bristol City - Boyd Burnley Liam Bridcutt is the Leeds captain and puts himself about the park has a nasty streak in him which you need he's on form and not in squad another who should be looked at no doubt a lot more we can add. Why Strahan didn't go back and speak with Hutton and didn't call in Phil Bardsley we will never know what do we do go into a game with no Right Backs in the squad crazy stuff I'd also have 4 of the younger boys along at a time not in the squad just training with the squad and getting the experience can only benefit them as its the future
  8. Scout

    Centre Backs

    Has anyone else noticed we played two left sided centre backs during the week ? I can't remember anyone ever doing that before still dont understand why Liam Lindsay wasn't in the squad or Murray Wallace. Canada game was for trying new things out all we tried out was old players that have had a chance and not up too it Cairney yes was new and Burke got a game played out of position and taking off at half time he's 19 ! That was it I still think the squad is not as bad as the results just need a new management team and we need to pick the right players. im still trying to understand Strachans interview after the game !
  9. Scout

    Scotland squad:

    Agree disappointing about Gallagher as he's going to be a player would be good to find out the storey liam Lindsay and Phil Bardsley both should have been in the squad - still think Charlie Adam had something but all about opinions guess Murray Wallace needs to be playing in Championship
  10. Scout

    Team for Canada Game

    See Australia have called up a player from Partick wonder if we will !!!!
  11. Scout

    Team for Canada Game

    George Boyd is playing week in week out and works very hard defo do a job - If he was Welsh or Irish week be in the squad every time
  12. Scout

    Team for Canada Game

    Really just need a change in management some decent players coming through and will take time fraser -Armstrong- Phillips - Lindsay - Murray Wallace - Cairney - if we get Gallagher plus more are all under 25 and should be in the squads going forward getting experience add in burke - Tierney - Robertson we need to rebuild also get Rhodes back as we need a goal scorer with Griffiths not playing at Celtic
  13. Scout

    Team for Canada Game

    Rather have Liam Lindsay and Murray Wallace in the squad than Greer and a few of the others even if they don't play getting experience both young and could have a big future in the game - If Sam Gallagher has agreed to play for us rather than England he will play in both games
  14. Scout

    Team for Canada Game

    Team for Canada Gordon Hutton Lindsay Mulgrew Tierney Brown Armstrong Burke Cairney Gallagher Rhodes get Hutton back in just for this campaign as no RB at the min - this team is just for Canada game
  15. Scout

    Team for Canada Game

    I agree 100% but it's Strachan in charge remember