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  1. Great character and fantastic career. Read his autobiography a few years back which is very good. RIP Jack.
  2. Totally agree about the usual suspect/suspects on here with there snide remarks, which is a reason myself and most likely others hardly ever post on here nowadays. It has got well past the boring stage. The same people then moan that this board is dying out but fail to see that they are a big part of that problem.
  3. You obviously dish out so many insults you forget. Now here you are trying to make me look bad and involve others. Reply as you like with your silly faces, I am bored with you already. Goodbye
  4. No mix up, and no need to explain further. You prob forgot as that is the norm with you.
  5. Rich coming from you with all the snide remarks you make. You even told your paranoid gay bar drinking buddy to come up and arse me! The wife had a good laugh though and asked what school you went to? Oh and also why did not have the bollocks to face me yourself. More or less sums you up.
  6. Managed another round🙂 That's a good few since having brain tumour removed. Still a bit off balance at times but enjoying playing which is the main thing🙄. Will probably resort to being a fair weather player for the time being ( one step at a time). Got to admire those proper professionals who play in all conditions though.
  7. Typical Boyd interview, Snoddy had not been playing well for a while when selected by Scotland. Agree that if you choose not to represent your country then that should be it. Don't think Clarke will pay attention to it anyway.
  8. Surely cannot do our chances any harm, let's beat Israel first then all to play for.😊
  9. New fisher putter working a treat. Back into swing of the things, shame the weather is changing.
  10. Still can't make me my mind up if Hurst's goal was over the line or not.
  11. Remember them doing okay in all 3 games so may have a look. Must have been around the time McStay and McAllister were playing for us.
  12. Not watched the German match yet but shall get round to it. Hard to think the amount of times we had chances to progress but lost out on goal difference or not getting a rub of the green. ( Think the failure to beat 10 man Uruguay was the worst failure imo). Looking back we had some right good squads of players and as you say Dalgleish never made the bench.
  13. Getting rid of the pass back rule was a good move due to the amount of time wasting. Had forgot about the 2 sub rule.😯
  14. Just watched first half of Soviet game, first time since 82. Could have been a few up by half time. Second half now but Soviet more in the game. Agree about Souness watching play go by him. Not sure if I want to watch the Miller/Hansen bit.☹️
  15. Always thought if we had not got Zaire first, we might had got through, they go on about the 1978 squad/team but this lot were as good. Shocking tactics from Brazil back then. Not watched this game since I was 10 so brought back some good memories.
  16. Just got round to watching Peaky Blinders and Downtown Abbey which although very different, I am enjoying them both. Also just started watching Save Me, bit slow to start with but getting into a bit now.
  17. One of my old haunts The Lord Byron or the Fountain Bar would be fun
  18. Well well. If it is not the bloke who goes on about class. How about removing your head from halfway up your arse, watching paint dry would be more interesting than reading your posts. And I don't need anyone to back me up
  19. Not thick enough to spend every evening on here, you really have no life do you.
  20. and now you are boasting about how many older women you shagged, make up your fucking mind.
  21. A teenage lad who was old enough and knew his own mind, now cant you leave it at that.
  22. Looks like there are double standards on here if you post things without any proof.
  23. Ye it was bad taste,so I apologise for that but I posted on this thread originally in support of someone who took her own life and got accused and insulted as well so sometimes enough is enough. I would say the pathetic ones are the people who are slagging her off when she has no way of defending herself.
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